Friday, August 25, 2006

Seeing Red....

Having painted my little wall cupboard red, I have been moving some of my possessions around to create more of a red theme within the room. (I see them afresh when they are in a new situation.) The cloth on top of the cupboard is a vintage curtain- it was lined in lime gingham, which I think is fun. There is nothing precious or expensive here- just things that appeal to me.

I painted the little set of shelves in the same red as the wall cupboard.

Our old wooden bench now has our red eiderdown on it as a seat pad.

On the wall is a piece of my favourite French fabric in a white painted frame. We hope to have the small painted cupboard on the wall soon, to complete the room. Paint is a wonderful invention!- the look of a room can change quickly and cheaply!....So when I tire of red....


  1. I love your home! you have an amazing talent,I love to use gingham around the house also,if I only have a small amount of vintage fabric I can always improvise with gingham!lovely pics,I so enjoy your blog!

  2. I also LOVE your home!!!!!!
    Your house is just like the ones seen in magazines and on tv.
    I'm glad that I have found your beautiful blog.

  3. Thank you both VERY much.x
    Our home was recently featured in a magazine, but I felt it was poorly represented- so this is my way of dealing with that! Thank you blogger!!-great therapy!

  4. What a lovely room. I really like your colour combinations.


  5. Wow ! what a great blog site you have....!!!

    I have been drinking in everything and love love love it.

    Have to go over things slowly on my break ( I am at work) with a cup of tea and my glasses on !

    Thanks for visiting BTW !
    L/ S

  6. Oh my oh my! I love your site - everything is fabulous. I found you through one crabapple. I'll be back for sure!

  7. Your home looks beautiful. You have such talent in interior design! Love to see more pictures from your home :-)

  8. Oh oh oh I'm excited! How very beautiful! I would move in at once! I love when people know to decorate their home like you certainly do! I love all the red accents and how clever to frame some rose fabric and that bench looks soo lovely! Which magazine was it? Could you not take a picture of the article and photos for us pretty please? Or am I a bit to nosy now? *blushes*

  9. Hi Carol, (and all)
    Thank you for your comments. My home was featured in '25 Beautiful Homes' July 2006. I felt the best features were not shown, it all looked quickly put together and my business was hardly mentioned.
    I shall be away until Sept 5th, so will sort out some pictures from it when I get back.

  10. Oh great thanks for letting me know and have a good time away!

  11. You are very very creative!


  12. Your home is just gorgeous !!! I love your decoration !


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