Friday, August 11, 2006

Handmade Corsages

I have certainly been reliving my childhood recently! -Must be the effect the school summer holidays are having on me! I remember as a child, using a plastic loom to make these wooly flowers- I used to make hundreds with my Nan. They were great to sew onto knitted waistcoat of the time for that 70's hippy look!!
I discovered a loom for sale in my local toy shop a few weeks ago, so treated myself to one! I made several versions of the daisies, with yarns, fabrics and lace. I then took them along to a Textile Fair that I had a stand at, in Honiton, Devon. They sold out- I had meant to photograph them before I went, to add them to my blog, but forgot!
-So I have been busy again making some new ones.
Here are the vintage fabric ones. They have a mother-of-pearl button in the centre and a safety pin on the back.

I then went on to make one from French antique lace and a lovely button.
My 17 year old has also got the bug and has made some to include in her A level textiles project.

Oh' I love being creative- it beats housework any day!!!


  1. These flowers are WONDERFUL!
    I never heard about a loom and making these lovely wooly flowers.
    Those fabric ones are great too.

  2. How spooky Niki, I too bought a flower loom recently from the ELC! They are great fun aren't they? I made some pretty ones with angora and silk yarns but I must have a go at doing some lace ones now I have seen yours, they are beautiful, clever you :-)

  3. I love the vintage fabric ones especially. Isn't it great how crafts are making such a big come-back - I wonder what could be done with pompoms...

  4. They are looooovely!

  5. Thank you very much for your nice comment.We're all so glad that she is doing fine.

  6. Niki you are an inspiration! these are just adorable,I shall look for a flower loom,this is just the sort of activity that could keep Lucy busy in the scholl hols(and me of course!)

  7. Anonymous4:44 am

    Do you have any links to this loom? I can't even picture what it looks like. I would love to make some of these. I especially like the light blue and white ones. Just beautiful.

  8. Pretty! I love the vintage fabric ones. I had tried ribbon but they were kind of wobbly. I have some kind of similar in my etsy shop. I had combined the fabric and the woolly loomy thing. (I had the loom not knowing what it was. It was a hand-me-down. Then I kept seeing them advertised at the fabric shop and wanted one. Duh..I finally put 2 and 2 together. lol)
    Anyway, mine are on if you want to look...I like yours tons better, but I'd love to see how you'd do the fabric and yarn together. Maybe those would sell for you, too.

  9. Hello. I remember that I made flowrs like that too...How nice to see this again ;-} I made a "blanket" for my dolls with flowers like that. I had forgotten all about it. Wonder if I still have the tools to make them.Must have a look.


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