Wednesday, August 16, 2006

My Vintage Hat Collection

I have a fascination for vintage hats- I think it is their sheer diversity of shape and style that attracts me to them, making me want to keep each new one that I find. Most of my hats are from the 1950's as these are usually affordable, compared to earlier hats- they are usually colourful too! I have a glass fronted cabinet that I display most of them in, but I also like to use them around our home on hooks and furniture....I will let the photos speak for themselves...

I have just realised that I have hats everywhere, maybe I should include some more photos tomorrow!! .....Just this last pic...This is my favourite hat stand, probably from the 1920's, far too pretty to put a hat on !!


  1. What a beautiful photo's!
    I just loved looking at these wonderful photo's. What a great way to show all of yourgorgious hats.

  2. We are so alike Niki! I too collect hats,I favour floral compositions,probably because I love silk flowers and corsages,and would you believe I do have one of those 1920s ladies head hatstands also! mine has a black turban,I agree too pretty to cover with a hat!

  3. Oh, my! Your hat's looks so lovely! Where do you find such things? I love your vintage fabrics too.

  4. So very pretty! Yes please post more pictures of your hat collection and any other corners you have in your home. I bet it`s lovely!


  5. Anonymous1:46 am

    OOOH! A friend just send me your blog address as we like the same things. Love, love your vintge hats & flea market finds. The hat stand is just too cute too. We never find vintage fabrics like that around here.

    Come visit me at my blog.

  6. Each one is a work of art - lovely!

  7. wow!!! i am extremely impressed with your collection of vintage hats! Each one is so beautiful and unique. I am actually a student writing a report on collectibles for my graduation requirement. I am very interested in vintage hats and was wondering if i may ask you a few questions about your collection
    thank you


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