Monday, August 28, 2006

Flea Market Finds.

Yesterday I had a wonderful time rooting through boxes and under tables at our local flea market. Here are my finds...

A fifties shoe box covered in rose printed oilcloth- great for storage. Some yummy buttons for my handmade bags. I always buy pretty vintage greetings cards when I see them- they are a great prop to link items together in a display. (nice to send too!)

I love the little china dolls. I am going to make them some little vintage fabric dresses! Pretty beaded flowers from France, more buttons, a lovely chocolate box and some more greetings cards- this time handpainted ones.

Next I found a green glass posy bowl, some Devon Violets perfume, a handpainted trinket box and some embroidered mats that I intend to make bags from.

A huge and beautiful 'Sanderson's' floral curtain and an original Barbola mirror....

another Barbola mirror, a mohair scarf to make another bag from, and some more lovely cards!

Vintage fashions and dress patterns.

This is an old wooden, mirrored door- I shall add some hooks and a coat of paint for a key rack. A French fabric pelmet will make some great lampshades and the glass bowl will look wonderful at Christmas, filled with pink baubles.

I treated myself to this lovely lady- I think she is gorgeous!

More pretty cards and photographs!!

A cutter quilt (It's seen better days!!)
(Click to enlarge the photos if you are interested!)

Nothing was terribly expensive and it's a wonderful way to spend a day!


  1. as "prairiefarmeress" would say...we must have been separated at birth...lovelovelove all your finds.

  2. OOOHHHHHH what a lovely finds!!!!!
    I love them all.That sure was a great fleamarket.
    Can you ask them to come to Holland?

  3. Oh well done Niki! a great days shopping!

  4. Anonymous6:34 pm

    oh dear, ok, now I am really jealous! Those are wonderful finds, I especially love your "lady", she is a beauty!

  5. ooo...



    wow ! where to start !?
    I love everything.
    What a treat to pour over your things - your treasures .

    The chocolate box, Barbola mirros
    ( that is what they are called???) ,
    the wooden door !, oh there were so many things to see.

    how fun ! Thank you! I am going back to take scond looks at everything.

  6. oh yeh and the DRESS PATTERNS !

  7. wowwwwwwww...what a feast of delights!

    did you have a big trolley to put everything in or have a nice helper to carry all your goodies?!

    i've come over all green-eyed-monster & love everything you bought :)

  8. You bet I'm interested and I clicked on all of your pictures to see them bigger. Problem is I can't hide my jealousy when I see all your beautiful finds. So many gorgeous things! And what a nice treat that enchanting lady is! Lucky you!

  9. I was feeling out of sorts and then I came here and there were so many lovely, lovely things I feel a lot better. :)

  10. I found you from PG's site. That looks like an excellent flea market, going back to take another look now at your finds. Isn't wonderful when you get home after a market or chariaty shop day taking out and looking at all your finds. Feel free to visit my blog if you wish.

  11. Oooohh what I want to go to that flea market! Lovely finds!! Lucky you :-)

  12. You have found so many lovely things. When we are in Britain, we go in each charity-shop we se and also on the fleamarket and antik-market.


  13. Ooh! This would probably be my ENTIRE years booty and you found all that in one day!! Where were you?? x


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