Sunday, August 13, 2006

Vintage Fabrics.

Just wanted to share with you my latest purchases! I was quite excited to find this pile of vintage fabrics to add to my collection! It's just as much fun bringing it all home and sorting through, deciding what to use each piece of fabric for....or am I just very sad?!!

I also found some lovely threads, buttons and antique lace...
Some framed photographs from 1890 and a wooden hand mirror.
'Little things'....


  1. Sad? Far from it! Your vintage finds look fabulous! How very exciting! I could happily spend every day hunting down treasures.

  2. Hello, I dont think its sad at all, or maybe I am just sad too! Its great fun to find bargins and interesting things. Penny.

  3. Sad? no certainly not. I am positively drooling over your finds, unless that makes me sad too, whoops! I think safety in numbers, we can all be 'sad' together :-)

  4. Ah, thanks everyone, I feel much better now!! Niki.xx

  5. I don't think it's sad at all too. I'm also drooling over your absolute wonderful vintage finds.
    I think that I'm living in the wrong country.....I have never found such beautiful things here in the Netherlands.

  6. Oh lovely!I love a good find,one of my favourite things is coming across old sewing boxes with their contents in,I love finding old buttons and bits of ribbon and lace and so on,Lucky you Niki!

  7. 'Little things' are always the nicest! What a lovely collection of goodies, I love looking at other people's finds.

  8. Ok where have you been?
    Just found you over at thymeand lavender. . .vacationing with my lifelong friend farmgirl cyn. . .be talking soon

  9. Oh yum! Your fabrics are scrumptious! I'm excited just looking at all your goodies.
    I can't think of many more favourite or exciting ways to spend my time.


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