Thursday, August 17, 2006

My Hat Collection ...Continued!

Here are some more of my vintage hats...I now feel guilty for having so many!!!

I shall try to add some vintage hats to my website over the next couple of days - some that are suitable for display, rather than to wear...The problem with some vintage hats is that they can be of a small size compared to modern ones.

This is a yummy French hat- the brim is huge!
Hope you have enjoyed looking at them. They are fun to collect and my daughters enjoy dressing-up in them!


  1. Anonymous10:06 am

    they are just gorgeous! I love them all. What a collection!

  2. I love them all!They're so beautiful.
    I think that I'm living in the wrong country!!!!!We don't have such beautiful things.

  3. i can hardly find the words to say how divine your hat collection is...must stop drooling! i would have loved to live in the days when they got worn! thanks for sharing them with us in such lovely piccies! i'm dashing over to your website now to take a peek. x

  4. oh they are so lovely! I am keen to expand my own collection so will buy from your site when you put some on!incidentally I adore those violas(or pansies?)

  5. I love that French hat! How glamorous.


  6. Anonymous8:48 pm

    The hats are beautiful... and I love the fabric corsages...

  7. I have been wondering where all the old hats went that our mothers used to wear to church and PTA meetings. Now I know!

  8. Anonymous12:21 am

    More yummy hats & they are all in such wonderful condition!


  9. Oooh! I want them! They are lovely!


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