Monday, March 02, 2009

Musical Cupboards

Well, no, I don't have cupboards that play a tune :) ... What I was thinking about, was the childhood party game 'musical chairs'; where everyone dances round the chairs to music and has to grab a new place to sit when the music stops....
Well, we've been shifting cupboards around in our house over the weekend and now some of them have ended up in new places...

I used to have a glazed wall cupboard here, which housed my vintage hat collection. I always felt that it 'floated' a little with nothing grounding it, so to speak, so decided to place a dresser there instead.

Possibly it's the cleansing influence of spring, but I also felt a need to de-clutter a little too. I have placed only a few of my vintage hats back on display, accompanied by some of my favourite treasures. I shall change the hats around from time to time to freshen up the look.

Roses feature heavily, of course, as well as antique textile items.

The wall cupboard that I used to use to display my hats in has been placed on top of a small pine one in our kitchen. On Sunday I gave them a coat of eggshell paint to unify them. The ceilings are over 10ft high on this side of the house, so this has better proportions in hopefully it will stay like this for some time... ;-))
I painted it grey rather than cream to tie in with the old French shutters at the window and also the small vitrine that I bought and mentioned on my blog at Christmas.
Inside I lined the back in C19th French red ticking and I have placed my glassware and 'Midwinter' polka dot china on the shelves. I may add some crochet lace edgings to the shelves, but haven't made up my mind yet...
Well, the sun is shining today and it's good to have everything feeling fresh and new and in the right place.

Hope that the spring weather is having a positive effect on you too...
Have a great week,
Niki x
Update: Hi Helen, Thank you for your comment. I used a Farrow and Ball paint called 'Pale Blue' - it is more grey than blue - I think the second photo looks to be more accurate, on my monitor, anyway. Their paints are quite expensive, but I would say are very good quality and come in a large range of finishes. Hope that helps, Niki x


  1. Oh yes, Niki! I'm trying to de- clutter, too and refresh a bit!
    Today, I'm seeing 'PINK' !! Yesterday I spotted in the garden some tiny flowers, and a fabulous yellow butterfly!
    Hope Spring is HERE!!!!!!
    Monica x.

  2. P.S Your eggshell duo is fabulous!!
    And I so much love all that red in your kitchen!

  3. I see some of your 2010 calendar photo applicants posted here! =)

    You have SPRING bursting through your window! I'm afraid all I have to boast of today is another day off from school for the kids, due to a noreaster... and 4 inches of packed crunchy new ice on the ground! =O

  4. These shots are all so lovely! How did you display your hats? I have a small collection of antique bonnets which I have never been able to display properly, as they just flop without a head inside! I'm currently making a papier mache 'head' to display one at a time, but if you have any other suggestions, I'd be very interested.
    Thanks for your lovely blog.

  5. Hi Niki~ Your pictures are beautiful and I can ALMOST feel a touch of spring just through visiting your lovely blog. That would be a stretch for my vivid imagination, considering we got dumped with 8" of snow last night. Enough...I say :-)


  6. Are you any good at bathrooms?
    I am having mine ripped out and could do with you to advise!!
    Lovely photos BTW! ;-)

  7. Your house is so beautiful, all those pictures are gorgeous and the cupboards look wonderful in their new places :)

    I can feel some Spring-ifying coming on too.

    Mel xxx

  8. I have said it before and I will say it again...I would give anything to have a snoop around your lovely lovely home...the colour that you have painted the dresser is wonderful...what is it?...everything look wonderful...they should do a feature on you in country Living...

  9. I love all your little goodies on the shelves. Quaint and inviting. Spring is fevering in all of us northern latitude dwellers this time of year! Lovely to see the sun again.

    If only I could poke around Bath again! I picked up one brass candlestick when there years ago... the shop owner had a big laugh when I was astonished at its 300+ year age! In the US, anything older than 100 or 150 years is great... so older than that is amazing to me. (: Vicki

  10. Hi Helen,
    Thanks for your sweet would be most welcome anytime! ;-))
    I used a Farrow and Ball paint called (rather uninspiringly!) 'Pale Blue' - it is more grey than blue - I think the second photo looks to be more acurate, on my monitor, anyway. Their paints are quite expensive, but I would say are very good quality and come in a large range of finishes.
    Hope that helps,
    Niki x

  11. Oh my, I am literally drooling at all your pretties...!! Such eye candy!!! Thank you for the inspiring pictures!

  12. Everything looks so pretty and Springy. :)

  13. Anonymous10:54 pm

    Oh there really is nothing better than a re-arrange. Your re-arrange looks fantastic and I always admire peole who can repaint furniture pieces so quickly.
    Looks gorgeous, thanks for sharing.
    Kiss Noises
    Linda Lilly Cottage

  14. I totally understand what you are talking about- if my couch is in the same spot for over 3 weeks, my husband is shocked, and my son is relieved!! hee hee

  15. I love all of your beautiful treasures, too and see some little dollies here and there. Love the background of your shelves! I would love to do that to some of mine!

  16. I have no idea where you get the energy for musical cupboards - I do musical chairs - me, the sofa - and that's it really! HA! All looking gorgeous! Love that the cupboard ties in with the shutters in the kitchen. t.xx

  17. Everything looks lovely and fresh.

  18. At the risk of sounding a bit forward - can I come and live in your house???!!! It is so beautiful I dream of rooms and furniture like that!!! lol.

    Its nice when you have a good sort out. as i speak the smell of cleaning products permeat the air having a spring clean of my own!!

  19. These cupboards are wonderful , I think you have been busy for hours and hours to get them all organized with the right things in your country you can find these littel faces, we don't have them..I never find one at least..

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  21. Despite the rainy weather there must be a feeling of spring in the air as I too am busy de-clutering the house. I am trying to be ruthless but not always finding it that easy as I am a bit of a hoarder. That Farrow & Ball colour is really nice. As you say, expensive but it is a really good paint, it shows in the finish.

    I particularly like that last photo of the light coming through the window, it has a very serene feel to it. You take some very good photos.

    Isabelle x

  22. Anonymous5:12 pm

    Gorgeous photos as always Niki, thanks for sharing. JackieMx

  23. Your cupboards look beautiful no matter where you put them. You just have the touch of great display. I love looking at your photos with your lovely home and great vignettes. Have a wonderful day.
    Jean in virginia

  24. Niki... your musical cupboards are just SO lovely!! I love how you placed your hat one on top of that chest and married them. It looks perfect!

    By the way, I wanted to tell you that i received your book that I ordered and I LOVE LOVE LOVE it so very much. I have been reading it every night and it is the BEST decorarting book I have received in a very long time. great job!

    xoxo Heather

  25. tu aimes aussi les vieux tissus!!


  26. Hi Niki

    Thank you for visiting my new blog and your kind comments!

    Yes, I think we do have lots in common! I love, love, love your photos of your house (I wish that I could keep mine so tidy!) and like lots of us at the moment feel the need for a coat of fresh paint and brightening up the place a bit! Your combination of the duck egg blue/grey with touches of raspberry red is one of my favourites!

    I have only just discovered your divine dolls - have now signed up to follow your blog so that I know when you have some more for sale as I need one badly! I have the V&H Fair in my diary too...

  27. I could spend ages pouring over photos of your beautiful house Niki, the cupboards look just gorgeous, especially that F&B blue one!

  28. Anonymous6:38 pm

    Hi Niki, thanks for the really kind comments. I do know that game, musical dressers I mean. We tend to play it a few times a year! All looks super at the Stone House!

  29. A new look can be so uplifting,especially when it turns out that well!

  30. Anonymous1:02 am

    Lovely blog....delightful home...

  31. Hi Niki!
    Everything looks lovely. The photo of your window is just precious. Makes me want to sit at my kitchen window and just gaze at the flora and fauna.....(snapping out of my daydream so I can finish getting ready for work!) Blah! LOL!

    Have a great day!
    Deanna :D

  32. I could never look at your photos enough Niki. Just gorgeous.

  33. J'adore cette idée de recouvrir l'intérieur des meubles en papier ou tissu sur le thème des vieux tissus !
    Une déco qui me correspond !


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