Saturday, May 22, 2010

Chelsea it Aint...But I do my Best!

In honour of the great Chelsea Flower Show which starts on Tuesday -
Here are some of my favourites blooming in our humble garden just now:

The huge clumps of lilac that you just want to sink your nose into...
And not just in lilac, but white too!
The daintier, but just as fragrant, lily of the valley spikes.

Nodding heads of the columbines...
In an assortment of shapes, colours, and sizes,
Proving they have been just as promiscuous as last year!

My new lavender coloured foxglove has begun to flower, with the other three that I bought not far behind.
But just now, perhaps the star of the show, is the heady scented wisteria winding its way around our raised deck.
It swathes the banister rails with its cloak of cascading flowers a little more each year...
And we can enjoy breakfast, or an evening barbecue with our fragrant friend surrounding us, and at just the right height now to see the abundant blooms at eye level.
In fact, seeing as the weather forecast is so good for tomorrow, I think a barbecue could well be on the cards.
Enjoy the rest of your weekend, what ever you have planned.
Niki x


  1. Fabulous fabulous Niki! We had heavy continuous rain for 2 weeks and I couldn't enjoy my white lilacs this year... but I am enjoying TONS of roses now that the sun is shining!!!;)

  2. WOW, so very nice flowers, in Norrway the spring is very late this spring .... we have som nice flowers to look forward to ;-)
    have a nice weekend

    - and btw
    I like ypur nice bloog a lot


  3. Just BEAUTIFUL, Niki! I would like to plant some wisteria this year - I have a trellis already waiting! ;) Your Columbine varieties are stunning. Mine are at the budding stage (and definitely not as abundant as your own)! Happy BBQ!

  4. oooh gorgeousness! I bet that wisteria smells so divine!x

  5. May is my favourite month in the garden, lovely flowers in yours.

  6. Your garden is looking beautiful! I have all of the same things in bloom as you right now except for the wisteria which I would love to add to my garden some day. Very pretty!
    :o) Sue

  7. Your wisteria is fabulous, you are right to be proud of it...and my favourites the foxglove, so pretty.

  8. we are just into winter, here, so i will enjoy the lovely delights in your garden!! i can almost smell it!! :-))

  9. Your flowers are wonderful. You should link to Today's Flowers. I have the link on my blog, but don't know how to put it in a comment. It's done every Sunday with flowers from around the world! Thanks for sharing. I love stopping by when you post! ♥♫

  10. Anonymous2:29 am

    Lovely! One of my favorite things to see in England were the wonderful gardens! Do you all have green thumbs?

  11. Hi Niki...your garden is like your shop: Wonderful!!!
    Even here there is sunshine ... but I want to be there! ;o)
    A dear greeting, Maria.

  12. Dear Niki, Your foxglove and wisteria look magical. xx

  13. Oh how beautiful your banister looks! So inviting.

  14. Hi Niki

    Your garden is looking so beautiful with all those lovely colourful flowers out! It is a wonderful time of the year to sit and relax in the garden. Not that I've had much time to do that of late...I need to add more colour to the garden. So sad that our wisteria died. I am about to replace it with a climbing hydrangea instead and hope that does better.
    I hope you've had a good weekend
    Take care
    Isabelle x

  15. Oh Niki that Wisteria is just gorgeous! It must smell so good when you go outside to wander in the garden with the Wisteria Lilac and Lily Of The Valley and Roses and what ever else you have in your garden with scent. I could just close my eyes and sniff it all in. When our lilac groves were in bloom a few weeks ago I kept going outside downwind so that I could get a good whiff of it along with sticking my nose right into the blossoms...there's nothing like it! THANK YOU for sharing your garden with us...take care..Maura:)


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