Sunday, May 02, 2010

V&H and Beyond...

Yesterday was the day for the 4th Vintage & Handmade Fair in Chipping Sodbury. I'll keep my post brief, as I'm still recovering from the busy and tiring day.

I had a very textile based display this time round...
And with only having a single pitch, was set up in record time for me!
Which meant I was able to get round to taking photos of several of the other stalls in the two halls.
This was how things looked as everyone was setting up and waiting for the opening hour to strike.

And in detail...
Lucy's lovelies...

Christine and Gertie's gorgeousness...

Amanda's (Shabby Chick) available sweetness...

Clare's creative cleverness...
Sue's sumptuous selection...
(I purchased this vibrant Scheurer fabric panel from Sue. And the haberdashery came from Leonore)
Jane's jewel-like fairy folk...
(She sold me this teeny treasure.)
Helen's heavenly array of must-haves...
Lizzie's luscious loot...

Jayne's joyous collection...

Michele's mouthwatering temptations...

Nicky's 'naughty but nice' fuzzies...

- I think one of these little characters ended up in hubby's shopping bag, but I'm not supposed to know about that...I'll let you know if so, later in the week! ;-))

Viv's VERY tempting pretties...

And last-but-not-least (one of my favourite stalls - Oh, are we allowed favourites?! ;-)) - The wares of Louise Taylor-Bowen.
- I bought a beautiful necklace from Louise for our eldest daughter who came home for the weekend...well, I see so little of her now that she lives in west Wales, so I think I can treat her once in a while ;-))

She loved it...and I'd be very happy to borrow it too! :)

Thanks to Jayne and Michele for organising such a wonderful fair. AND very grateful thanks to all who visited and came for a chat or who made a purchase from my stall. x
Lots more photos can be seen courtesy of Mr. Cottage on Flickr here.
Today has been another busy day...
This morning hubby, eldest daughter and I went on a quick buying trip and came home with a few treasures for the shop.

Then we headed into Bristol for the farmer's market.
We had a delicious lunch of savory crepes created by a lovely French man!
And hot chocolate all served up outside the old Corn Exchange.

Then it was all too soon that we had to drop our daughter at the station for the train to whisk her away back to Aberystwyth. :(
Off for some r&r now...have a lovely evening,
Niki x


  1. Anonymous6:10 pm

    wow, these photos look stunning. i think i would be very tempted to buy everything at that fair, all the stalls look so adorable and pretty <3

  2. Lovely to see you there Niki, so much to see and do, so little time for chatting! I agree with you about Louise's stall, I was quite taken with her beautiful things, wish I'd bought something! I have spent today vegged out on the couch, have only managed to unpack the car and that's about it!

  3. Wow! I really would have loved to have been at the fair, thanks for the pics of such loveliness!
    What are you intending to do with what look like shirt collars ?
    Sandie xx

  4. 'Big sighhhhh'...Wish I'd been there, but it's lovely to see it secondhand through your blog...
    Have a great Bank Holiday..
    Donna x

  5. I really like the way the flowers have been painted up the pathway to the cottage in the painting you found.
    Glad you had a great day. xx

  6. What an enchanting way to spend a weekend. Those little bears are adorable. How do you find time to run your lovely shop, make the gorgeous stock AND write a blog??

  7. Hi Niki
    Glad everyone had a fabulous day, the fair looked wonderful and I promise I will make the effort to attend the next one. Enjoy your evening, you deserve a rest, I know only too well how much hard work goes into these fairs.
    Jo xx

  8. What a busy but marvellous weekend you had. The pictures are great. I bet your daughter enjoyed it too, especially being spoiled by mum! I have one that likes that too.

  9. It was a great day again wasn't it! Thanks for getting a proper pic of my stall...I only managed a rather rubbish shot before the public arrived. Hope to see you the shop next week hopefully! xx

  10. What lovely pretties.

  11. It was lovely having you & your luscious lovelies there again!
    I bet your daughter was thrilled with her new necklace!


  12. Its a good job I didnt go - I would have spent a fortune..So sorry I havent been to visit for ages, I have been snowed under with work and havent had anything exciting to tell on a post...hope you are well...looks like you have had a wonderful time love H (A time to dance...which was cocoa and blankets)

  13. Oh how I wish I had bought something from Louise's stall.. it all looked so lovely.
    Hope your eldest returns again soon...
    Hope you are fully recovered from the fair and get a chance to catch your breath before it's back to work!

    Michele x

  14. I can see you had a fabulous but busy time...get some well deserved rest!!

  15. Guenievre12:12 pm

    Que de très jolies choses à cette "fair" ! Quelle chance vous avez eu d'y assister !
    I love crêpes too ... with jam, buuter and sugar, "miam"
    Bonne semaine !

  16. It was lovely to chat to you at the fair, I had such a great day!

  17. Looks like you've had a hectic few days, Niki!!
    Yes, thank you, we had a wonderful day on Saturday, plus a good day on Friday... as we set off a day early to visit one or two places en route to CS.
    Today, we also took a walk... in some National Trust woodlands. The Bluebells were just coming into bloom but it was the smell of wild garlic which was quite overpowering!!
    Have a lovely week!


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