Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Groovy Baby!

As a slight departure from the usual goods in my shop of rose and romance inspired goodies, I have two very eye-catching items newly in stock, which I have displayed in one of the side windows....

They are two pairs of fabulous shoes - Both unworn, both from the 1970's and both in their original boxes!
AND both very nostalgic to me...

Firstly, there's this cute pair of faux suede shoes in an Oxford style, with the most gorgeous shaped heel (which I totally failed to capture in this photo - sorry!) I would have loved to have owned these back in the seventies, as I was a HUGE fan of purple back then. I remember in the early eighties having something similar in brown, which were my first pair of very high heels. I'd wear them to the school discos and even though I could hardly walk in them (let alone boogie!), thought I looked the bizz! ;-))
Sadly, today I'm not able to cram my size 6 1/2's into these beauties (they are a size 5) but am still totally in love with them all the same...

The others are a stunning pair of red leather wedges. They are made by 'Norvic' who are still making shoes today. I remember wearing a pair of pink wedge sandals to my cousin's wedding when I was her bridesmaid back in the late 70's - wedges were big business back then! ;-))

I've found vintage fashion items to be very popular in my shop, so will continue to be on the lookout for wearable pieces to add to the rails and shelves in the future. I did buy a lot of hats over the weekend, some from the groovy 70's, which I hope will be just what's needed for the busy wedding season coming up!
Niki x


  1. I absolutely love those Red Wedge Shoes! Ihad a Denim pair like that inthe seventies
    Julie xxxxx

  2. Hello Niki! Wow..those are some groovy shoes is right! I bet either pair of shoes don't last long in your shop...they're gorgeous. I love the way you all wear hats to weddings over there...it's so very...British! I hope you have a wonderful Wednesday...Maura:)

  3. Gorgeous shoes Niki! When we lived in Northampton I used to walk past the Norvic factory when I was at college, and later drove by on my daily business. Pauley's grandfather was a director of Norvic many, many years ago.

    Sent you an email after today beautiful surprise delivery but as my emails are problematic at the moment it was returned to me, so just want you to know it's stunning, thank you.Will try to email again tomorrow.

    Seen her tonight - bestest baby ever!!!

    Sue xx

  4. Dear Niki, your shoes were great but your mirror on the first photo with roses on top really caught me! love that mirror! is that porcelain roses? beautiful!

  5. Hi Nicki,
    When i was down the town at the weekend i saw a couple all done up in vintage style,their hair & everything. I am not sure maybe 50's style?!!

  6. HI Niki
    Thanks for stopping to say hello at the weekend, I will be there in August so pop by again, I may be too tired to chat though as it is the Cotswold vintage fair the day before and Malvern the day after!
    Oh well at least I have Michael to do all of the heavy work, and selling, etc.
    Lovely shoes and also very on trend!
    I hope that the shop is thriving.

  7. Love the purple shoes! Hmmm...I'm a size 5.....


  8. Yes, I remember wedges too!! I have a rather fetching photo of myself in my Grandparents back garden in the late seventies wearing some wedge sandals I had found from somewhere - I thought I looked the business! Those shoes are fab and it is great to think they are still cool thirty something years later.
    Jo xx

  9. I love the purple pair, I had a blue pair very like them.They were my best shoes.


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