Saturday, May 15, 2010

Lilac Time...

Hope you've enjoyed a fine day today...As soon as I got home this evening I grabbed my camera and went out into my garden to take a few snaps...
Now that the spring flowers are starting to make way for some of the early summer blooms, I have been inspired by the new set of colours that are emerging, to use in my sewing.

New items include shoulder bags and hand bags made from some brighter, bolder patterned vintage fabrics - perfect as a summer fashion accessory.





In contrast, I have also made a few items in the softer pastel colour palette, for example as cushions to take into the garden, which won't jar with natures floral backdrop.

I recently found this beautiful shapely Lloyd Loom arm chair, that had already been given a coat of white paint, but which had a very grubby seat pad.

I thought I'd work with the white and made a new pad cover from a section of a faded floral comfy quilt.


With just enough colour so that it isn't too wishy-washy.

I used another floral vintage fabric to make a simple throw pillow for perfect comfort on a lazy sunny afternoon.


It fastens on the reverse with fabric ties.

I shall be adding these to my shop, when I have space - hopefully next week.
(I also aim to start listing some items for my on-line shop, as soon as I can master the juggling act!)
Enjoy the rest of your weekend.
Niki x


  1. Love the chair! I have a funny-ish story about a Lloyd loom chair when I see you next!
    Just off into the garden to take some photos now the breeze has died down! See you tomorrow, have a lovely evening. xxx

  2. Fabulous garden and what lovely floral cushions for the shop. Hope you have a lovely weekend. The weather has got very cool here this afternoon and it's looking like rain, but some say there is good weather on its way this week :)

    All things nice...

  3. Love your Lloyd Loom chair and what a transformation.
    I live in a small market town and every Wednwsday and Saturday we have a market.My big regret is that there are not more local producers selling their wares like French markets.Having said that ,the markets attract lots of people.
    Love reading your blog.

  4. Lovely shots,Niki!
    Hasn't it been a glorious day?!
    I think Lizzie has also got a story about a chair that she could have sold today...but which didn't belong to her!!!

  5. Great chair, I love LLoyd Loom and the cushions suit it a treat. Love the fabric of the throw cushion. Your garden pictures are wonderful too.

  6. Great garden shots! Ive yet to get outside and do some work! Tomorrow the whole day is set aside for yard work!!
    love that garden chair!
    turned out wonderfully

  7. That chair looks so inviting with those beautiful cushions. You've reminded me I have a basket chair in the loft which really needs to be given a new life. Thank you.
    Carol xx

  8. Guenievre8:10 am

    I like the armchair ! Good choice for the cushion's furniture.
    Have a very nice Sunday !

  9. You have a beautiful garden and the fabrics you have made the bags with are great too. Wish i was nearer and could visit your shop.

  10. Adore the cheerful images of your shop and flowers! And the cushions you have made are divine! ~ Angela

  11. I love the chair too! I have a Lloyd loom one by my bed.It is so comfy to sit in.Your cushions are perfect for yours.

    Bellaboo ;0)

  12. We've just bought a lilac today to plant...I love the smell of them so I hope we manage to keep it alive..gardening not a talent of mine!!Have a great week

  13. The gardens are certainly inspirational right now.. something new to see every day.. they are growing at such a pace.
    How I would love to be able to sew like you Niki.. I have a Lloyd Loom chair just crying out for a new cushion.
    Enjoy your garden this week.. it is going to feel like summer at last.

    Michele xx

  14. I love the chair ...the colours are wonderful so soft and comforting...and your garden looks lovely

  15. The chair looks so much nicer now that it's had the Niki treatment!
    Your garden looks so pretty, I am most envious! So much to be done in ours befoire we can call it a garden.
    I wish the lilac season lasted longer.

    Take care
    Isabelle x

  16. Guenievre12:21 pm

    Bonjour Niki !
    I'm so happy : this morning I found (and so ... bought) "Homes & Antiques" at my French newsagent !
    You home decoration is very nice, my husband particulary like ... the old telephone ! ;-))
    You have beautiful furniture !
    Have a nice day !

  17. I am so jealous of your lilacs! I live in a hot humid "swamp" and would kill for a lilac bush like that! Love your blog!

  18. Niki you make the most wonderful bags and I LOVE the colors! I love the wicker chair and the cushion cover you made...beautiful colors there too. You have a wonderful garden...makes me wish we were finally putting in flower gardens here at the farm but step at a time as we fix up this neglected old place. Looking forward to seeing more of both your garden and shop. Take care...Maura:)

  19. Anonymous11:49 pm

    What a transformation on that chair. It would look great on anyones patio.


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