Friday, May 28, 2010

Patent Pending! ;-))

It may be a little Heath Robinson, but my new canopy certainly did the trick today. Hubby came over to my shop yesterday to make the weighted bases and construct the pole mechanism - He then tested me to see if I could put it up on my own! The ends of the poles will need sawing down, but Hub forgot the hacksaw, so its a 'to-do' another time...This morning I arrived in Shepton extra early, to give myself time to put it up - I managed to straighten the poles up after I took the photo, (I got them the wrong way around to start with - Ooops!) but today was very busy, so I couldn't spend long taking lots of pics.
Happily the new market was as buzzing as ever and the town was crowded for most of the day with shoppers. The canopy worked as a way of bringing market goers into my shop, so I shall definitely use it again next week - weather permitting! (I'm sure you'll be happy to know that it also protected my stock from several pigeon poops! I counted 4 when I took the awning down this evening! ;-))
I was able to welcome lots of new customers to my shop today, but would just like to mention Jan and her sister who had come all the way from South Carolina, with their UK friend on hand to help them spend their money! :) 'Hello Jan, if you happen to be reading this - Thanks to you all for your purchases and it was lovely to meet you! - If you made it to Dairy House this afternoon, I hope you had lots of fun!'
Then in the afternoon I met two more lovely ladies from the United States (one of which reads my blog - so a big howdy to you too!) The power of Blogger eh? Incredible what a small world we all live in now-a-days...

Retro fabric tie-on cushion, handmade by me, for one of the folding garden chairs.

A selection of new brooch pillows were added to the shelves today, but I feel another buying trip coming on over the weekend...
Enjoy your BH weekend, won't you?!
Niki x


  1. LOVELY NIKI! You've done a beautiful job on your awning! We have canvas awnings at our shop, and they also protect inventory items behind the windows from becoming sunbleached. ;)

    Wish it was I who was the blogger who visited your shop! Have a beautiful and prosperous weekend!

  2. Clever hubby - lovely canopy! I have also had a run-in with bird poop over a vintage 1920s chenille curtain I had hung out to air. Had to just bin it as dry cleaning would have defeated the modest profit potential. Aaargh! Will def try to make my (long promised!)visit to Nostalgia at No 1 on a Friday to coincide with the market.

  3. Super idea and does the job a treat. It also looks the part. Well done to you both.
    Have a good and busy weekend.

  4. That awning looks great Niki! And if (when) I make it to Britain I will put your shop first on any list I make of special places to visit. Have a super weekend!

  5. Well done to that clever man - bunting master in April, awning in May. Whatever will he do in June?!!!!

    Sounds as if you had a great day today.

    Sue xx

  6. What a cute way to keep the droppings away from your entrance. I'd be stopping by, if only I lived nearby. Will be saving for a trip across the pond someday and must plan to visit. So I hope you continue to have lots of customers that will keep you busy at the cash register! ♥♫

  7. Oh your shop looked so inviting anyway but now I really want to jump on the train! Smashing job well done. Your cushions are scrummy too!
    Have a great weekend x

  8. Diana2:04 pm

    Hello Niki

    I love reading your blog and it never disappoints me. I think you are a lovely, very creative and very busy lady. I was so sad to read about those negative comments made about your stock. Well I love what you are doing and if ever I get down your way will definitely pay you a visit and make a purchase or two.
    Your garden is also amazing, can't believe you find the time to garden as well. And what a handy hubby, so supportive too.
    Hope you have a happy weekend and thank you again for all the pleasure you give me.


  9. Hi Niki
    It is a small world, my cousin lives in Virginia and we are hoping to visit him in October and whilst we are there I want to go to N.Carolina where he works and visit the Outer Banks, as my son Tom tells me I will love them.
    Well done with the awning, very inventive.

  10. I think what you need to look out for now is an old icecream cart. Planted with carnival coloured flowers and ribbons it would look superb outside! (Perhaps you could paint 'Mr Whippy' on the side. Hehehe.) xx


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