Friday, May 07, 2010

Sweet and Chic?!

Back in September of last year I wrote about the wonderful day that I had with Nicky, a freelance journalist, and David, a professional photographer. They came to photograph our home for submission into one of the glossy interior mags.

Just a few months down the line we're now in print and our home can be found in the June issue of BBC Homes & Antiques. I have copies of the photographs taken by David, but I am not sure if I am allowed to publish them on the www at this stage. With luck there will be a follow up article in a more local magazine, such as Bristol Life or Bath Life so I imagine there will be copyright on them until they have been released by the mags (?)

I'm pleased with the article, except for the error that they made regarding my shop, which I mentioned in my previous post. Sadly they printed our home address as the location of my new shop. (If you just happen to have stumbled on my blog for the first time, having come via the magazine, then please check out the details of my shop on my blog's sidebar, or take a look at the map on my website here. Thank you!)
I would just like to point out that Nicky is a freelance journalist and we have been in conversation both on the phone and via email for the months after the shoot, so I know that she had all of the details correct, as I was allowed to edit as necessary. It wasn't her fault!
She has been very helpful regarding the mix up and is doing her utmost to rectify the error, by talking to the editor at H&A, so hopefully there will be a follow-up to put things right in a future issue.
I hope to add some better photos of the article to my website under 'press' when I have time, but just now I have an action packed weekend planned!

Thanks to Nicky and David for the memorable day and for making our home look so clean and tidy...even though it wasn't! ;-))
And talking of photographs; Merille Jane came into my shop again today, bearing gifts...Perhaps you remember me mentioning her in a past post? She is a professional portrait photographer based in Wells. She came into my shop a few weeks ago and asked if she could take a few photos of my merchandise to expand her repertoire! Some of the photos that she took can be seen here.
Merille very kindly brought in a set of the pictures (each a very generous 9" x 6") as a souvenir! The quality of them is stunning - so much depth...I need to decide how best to use them, as they would make excellent promotional material.
I leave you with good wishes for a happy weekend and some colour in the form of these fabulous fabrics from the 1930's - they make up a patchwork that I have, which I used as a background to the magazine photos above. Hope you'll enjoy them...
Have a lovely weekend - I'm taking a break from my PC this weekend, as my wrist is giving me some gyp from using the mouse, sewing, doll making, ironing etc!
Take time to smell the flowers! (Especially the Bluebells - they are delicious!)
Niki x


  1. Bought the mag today because you had mentioned you were in it. Wonderful article and super photos. Thanks too for telling me the name of the flower I asked about in my blog.
    Have a lovely weekend.
    Ruth x

  2. Wish I could hop on over to pick up one of the magazines! The article looks great! ♥♫

  3. Niki - what a beautiful, beautiful blog you have. This is my first visit - and I just thik your photos are stunning! Wow - you have a great sense of style and decor.
    Thank you for sharing your passions with all of us -

  4. I am feeling quite honored to know you ... what a great magazine feature ~ enjoy the fame.

  5. Oh how that must have been sooo exciting to see your lovely home in print. I bet I won't be able to find your magazine here, so I am glad you posted some pictures of it here. Happy Belated Birthday too! Kit

  6. Hi Niki!
    I will do my best compliments for the service of H&A! ;o))
    I'm happy for you, this is all about you!
    I wish you a happy weekend, see you soon!
    A dear greeting, Maria.
    (With translator)

  7. Niki,I was browsing through my favourite mag Homes and Antiques and nearly fell off my chair when I came across your beautiful house and then made the connection between you and your blog.What a fabulous article.Your house is full of charm and creativity of the rare kind.I love your beds,Sadly it is getting harder and harder to find beautiful one offs without a hefty price tag.Thank you for brightening my day.Anne x

  8. Hi Niki
    Thanks for the kind mention!
    I shall look for your article in the magazine - the photos look wonderful :-)

  9. Wonderful!!! I wish I could get that copy here in the US!! Your home is adorable!!! I love each room. What a JOY to be able to see parts of the magazine issue on your blog.

    So happy for you!!!!!


  10. I am dying to see the blue bells but work pressure has stopped me so far. We were nearly in a magazine it was all. Arranged and the lady never turned up. I will have to get a copy . Have a good week. Love H

  11. Only bought a copy yesterday ... what a lovely surprise to find you lurking within! It looks fantastic you must be so proud.
    Lesley X

  12. Hi NIki
    I read my copy of H &A in bed last night and loved the photos of your home, it looks gorgeous. You work so hard to make your home look lovely, you must be very proud.

  13. Ooh, the second fabric is my favourite. Very reminiscent of Clarice Cliff.
    Congrats on the magazine article. how interesting it must have been to see the process of taking pics for glossy mags. Hope they give you another mention with your correct address - in a full page spread. xx

  14. HI Niki
    Lovely blog & article. Jane & I are currently trying to interest magazines in our vintage pop-up store and and Cotswold Vintage Fair, but I suppose they have lots of enquiries, how fantastic fo ryou to be published.

  15. T told me yesterday that you were in H & A so I'll have to pop out and have a look. Just from the tempting look here it looks as if they,ve captured your home beautifully.

    Happy Belated birthday too by the way.

    Lisa x

  16. Hi
    Husband has bought me a copy today and your home looks fantastic. Congratulations!!! Mary

  17. Hi Niki

    I bought a copy of the magazine a couple of days ago. I enjoyed reading the article and looking at the pictures of your beautiful home.
    Pity about the shop address being wrong though... Let's hope that they can somehow make up for that mistake! Have you had any readers turn up at your house instead of Shepton Mallet?

    I hope that your wrist is better!

    Take care
    Isabelle x


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