Friday, May 21, 2010

Market Day

Today was the second Friday for the new market in Shepton Mallet...There has been some talk as to whether the stall holders would keep coming back and visitors it was very good to see it well attended by both again this week...
It was a beautiful day and people were enjoying their lunchtime in the sunshine.

I've been thinking that I need to extend my stock to outside my shop, to entice some more of the market goers inside...but there is one slight problem with that...and that is these guys...

An old man comes every morning without fail to feed the resident flock of pigeons with cake! Once fed, they then go and sit on my shop's roof...and doing what come naturally, one thing leads to another, and certain things fall to the ground that are not particularly welcome! - Especially on to freshly laundered linens etc...:(
So hubby and I are working on creating a canopy to put up over my shop's entrance on a Friday, to create a 'poop-free' area! I've bought some checked oilcloth, hooks and eyelets for it, but now have to work on making it...Watch this space...

Recycled vintage hand embroidered linen handbag.
Have a lovely weekend,
Niki x


  1. Is there anyway you could ask the kind gentleman to spread his cake elsewhere?

  2. Anonymous8:04 am

    How about using a table with a sun shade umbrella in the middle that should stop the birdie poo getting on your lovely things. xx

  3. Perhaps you could have a discreet word at the Council on the grounds of hygiene etc. Not sure what they could do, apart from get the Pest Control guys in, but it must be very annoying for you.

  4. The canopy is a great idea. It will stop your window displays from catching too much sun as well. xx


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