Monday, May 03, 2010

May Day

I hope you are enjoying the May Day Bank Holiday.

Hubby and I thought we'd spend this morning getting our annual 'bluebell fix' - so walked up the lane to the woods near our home...

Another week or so should see them in their full glory, as a lot are still in bud, but today's glorious spectacle was still one I know I shall never tire of...

We learned the sad news of the very sudden and unexpected death of our next door neighbour last week. This got me thinking once again how fragile life is and that we should relish every moment that we can and to always count those blessings.




It was lovely to take an hour out and enjoy the peace and abundant generosity of mother nature.

Getting back home, I needed to pack my car ready to take the stock that I had left from the V&H fair back to my shop again tomorrow.
It will be a full week this week and I have several things I need to find the time to post about, if I can (which I do find much harder to do these days.) I would like to thank those of you who have stuck with my blog for the 3 and ¾ years now - I'm aware that I may sometimes be repeating past posts and sometimes wonder if I should call it a day...then something else happens and I feel the need to keep it going. Again, I thank you x
Blogging has brought many highs to my life, for which I am grateful. One of those highs was very recent, the story of which I'd just like to mention to round off this post.
I've told on previous posts of the lovely Maria - she is a sweet lady from Italy who has visited the V&H fair on two separate occasions, as well as coming to see me in my new shop.
Well, to my surprise last week another Italian lady and gentleman walked into Nostalgia at No.1...this time it was Maria's sister Susanna and her husband! Not only was it a wonderful surprise to meet this delightful couple from Verona, but they also came bearing the most exquisite gift for me!
Susanna was able to tell me that this stunning table cloth and set of 12 matching napkins had been handmade in Italy. The workmanship is truly remarkable and I am overjoyed to own such a gorgeous item.
What's more, it fits our dining room table exactly! - But I shall be keeping it for family occasions and will enjoy being reminded of the special meeting with Susanna, every time I use it. (Incidentally, Susanna also travelled to the V&H fair on Saturday, which Michele also mentions on her latest post.)
May a peaceful week be yours,
Niki x


  1. Thanks for such a pretty and thoughtful post, Niki, and what an incredible gift! You see how much pleasure you are bringing to bloggers around the world?

  2. Oh my!....What a lovely and thoughtful gift! I actually have tablecloth and napkin envy! :)
    Please do not think of giving up blogging about your wonderful are an inspiration to many people not just myself, and your blogging would be truly missed...
    Bluebells give you a sense of peace and calm don't they?-Maybe it's the colour? :)
    Have a good and prosperous week Niki..
    Donna x

  3. That tablecloth on your table is exquisite! Thanks for the beautiful walk in the woods

  4. What a beautiful and thoughtful gift! Lovely photos of the bluebells was like I was there too. See you soon

  5. How lovely to have such a beautiful gift!
    Sorry to hear of your neighbours' passing.
    I too had my 'Bluebell fix' yesterday in Caulke Abbey park in Leicestershire. It's a National Trust property, they also had a 3 day craft fair on, but didn't go to that. It was bitterly cold though, so we couldn't actually smell the bluebells' need a bit of sun and warmth for that!
    Sandie xx

  6. Ciao Niki!
    Your photo is wonderful!
    And, as always, your bank has almost moved me ....
    Your kindness is really delicious, I admired the show and it seemed to be there with you!
    Susanna did not return, I look for her to tell me everything ....
    Now I return to admire your blog, it keeps me company ...
    Dear greetings, Maria.
    (With translator)

  7. How lovely Niki, what a beautiful and thoughtful gift. It must have been Susanna and her husband that bought my tea cosies and told me that they read my blog. I was very touched.

    Blogging is wonderful because it brings these beautiful people to us that we would not have otherwise met.

  8. Yes, completely unintentional, I only noticed the colour-co-ordination after I had photographed everything!
    Wasn't Susanna a lovely lady - and such a stunning gift she brought for you! Have a good week,
    Lucy x

  9. Hi Niki

    What a wonderful gift. What did we do before blogging and the internet generally brought so many like-minded people together. It doesn't bear thinking about, does it!

    Sue x

  10. Oh, lucky you to receive such a wonderful gift ~ it is beautiful!
    Can't wait for the woods near our home to be filled with bluebells ~ the colour always looks so amazing doesn't it?
    Don't stop blogging ~ what would we do without your lovely photos and updates on the shop?
    Nice to see you on Saturday ~ I am really pleased with my purchase!
    Ali x

  11. sorry to hear about your neighbour :(
    The tablecloth and napkins are beautiful. x

  12. There is somthing quite beautiful about bluebells, I too visited a wood close to us last Friday with my dog, (who did squash some), and the depth and richness of colour is quite amazing, you couldn't bottle it!
    Nicky x

  13. thank you for your blog comment Niki, hope you had a good day today. A lovely blogger from Italy came to see me at Honiton today... a friend of yours?? Ros wasn't there, so sadly could not pass on your friendly Hello.

  14. Dear Niki
    So sorry to hear about your neighbour - life is so fragile and fleeting, isn't it? Life's events continually remind me of this - it seems all we can do is be our best, genuine selves.
    Your bluebells are gorgeous and have reminded me that I haven't walked in a bluebell wood yet this year - must rectify this very soon!
    Looking forward to seeing you again at the Flea (if not in some shop or other!!)
    Happy days,
    Denise x


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