Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Framed Collage

I realise that I haven't shown you what I've been making recently...
Occasionally its nice to come away from the sewing machine and work on something different. I'm finding it hard to juggle everything that's going on here at the moment, so to work on a simpler project now and then is relaxing.
Making for the V&H fair on top of my website stock is a lot of extra work...added to this, there is a mass of gardening to do at this time of year, always housework(!), and family life - its half term as of next week too...anyway, you know how it goes, so if my blog posts dry up for a while, you'll understand why....
This is my latest work:

A framed collage of antique and vintage treasures.
I used to make these a lot when I had my shop. Hopefully you can make out the one on the right hand side of the shelf (below) - I made use of an odd antique glove for that one!

I make them using Victorian/Edwardian picture frames found at flea markets and fairs; the ones with the painted gold slips around the edges - This creates a void a few millimeters deep between the glass and the backing board for the small items used in the collage to just fit.
For this one I covered the back in antique sheet music and a length of fine old lace. A card of linen buttons, thread and bodkin suggest that the lady in the frame liked to sew...

A genuine Victorian scrap adds colour and another suggestion to the past.

The Victorian cabinet photograph is teamed with some vintage velvet violets to pull the purple colour scheme together.
I shall be wrapping this up and storing it for the fair, as I need to make a conscious effort to be well prepared for it now...

Have a great week,
Niki x
PS: Thanks so much for your Scheurer love on my previous post!


  1. Very nice work....I love the
    "snowdrop buttons".

  2. OOh Niki, One of my favourite things to make! I miss not creating any lately as all is packed away in boxes whilst we are redecorating. Seeing yours reminds of how much I miss not making anything like that at the moment. What I like about making collages is that the possibilities are endless and there is so much fun chosing all the things which are put together. I love what you have made VERY PRETTY, so is the one with the gloves! Thanks for your lovely comments on my blog. By the way, you didn't miss out on anthing. I was getting rid of some modern pieces of fabric to replace with vintage instead.
    Good luck with all that you have to do!
    Take care :-)
    Isabelle x

  3. It's lovely, what a nice idea. I look forward to admiring it "in real life". Love the velvet violets.
    Hen x

  4. Oh my ~ so very beautiful, Niki! I just love this sort of creativity! =) I love incorporating vintage and antique pretties into art.

  5. It is beautiful, Niki! You have inspired me to use some antique gloves KarriAnn gave my on Valentine's Day, together with other ephimera, to create something gorgeous to be cherished!

  6. That looks gorgeous! I bet it sells instantly at the fair.

    Mel xxx

  7. It's lovely, Niki!
    I am looking forward to seeing your wonderful things at the fair ;-)

  8. I love your collage. They are fun to make.
    Hugs, Susan

  9. Lucky lady to have her snapshot brought to life in a Niki collage! It's beautiful honey! t.x

  10. Hi Niki

    Love the collage Niki - and the backdrop of gorgeousness. And what a lovely background to your blog, too!!

    Sue x

  11. Beautiful creations, Niki. Very inspiring.

  12. I really like that first collage. Everything goes so well together and I love the idea that she enjoyed sewing plus the sheet music with a name on it. That will definitely get snapped up.
    Ruth x

  13. A beautiful collage ~ those old frames are lovely too. I too, love to combine lots of textures and patterns that somehow just 'belong' together and you do just that so wonderfully! I am so looking forward to seeing all of your creations in person!

  14. So pretty Niki and I love your new look of on the side of your blog, very nice Pinkie

  15. I JUST LOVE YOUR COLLAGE!!!!!! IT"S JUST SO AMAZING.......I love the frame you used also and the image of the lady is so pretty...


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