Saturday, March 07, 2009

I Love Wells in the Springtime...

(I'm sure there's a song that goes something like that, anyway ;-))
Just a quick post to share my day...

Hubby and I headed off to Wells again. The market was full of colour...

Lots of potted spring flowers to tempt the gardeners.

And cut flowers for the less green-fingered.

Lunch was enjoyed in 'Piano Cafe'. We were serenaded with some live Jazz on the grand piano, whilst we ate our delicious snacks from the midday menu.

Then back home over the Mendip hills...

passing by the new spring lambs in the dry stone wall edged fields.
Of course a few items were thrifted from The Trading Post again...

Including this small box of thespians rouge from Paris! Just my colour! ;-))
Then an hour of tidying up in our front garden this afternoon.
Some other treasures that have come my way this week: A gorgeous Victorian celluloid covered photograph album from Louise's etsy shop. Thanks Louise!
I have decided to use it to archive some of my favourite antique fabrics - some of which I know I shall never see again. I would like to preserve a small fragment of each of the best ones by sliding them into the cardboard pages.
And a sweet smelling lavender sachet came from Kim, as a gift in exchange for some hollyhock seeds! She still has some of these inspired sachets in her etsy shop if you're quick...

Hope you are having a fabulous weekend.
Niki x
I'm off to find out about how to extend the storage capacity on my blog. I seem to have run out of space, so will have to pay to continue with it(?) - I've had my blog for over two and a half years and have kept it very 'picture-rich', so I'm guessing that's why?


  1. Oh, you are really lucky to live in a country with so much spring, already. It is a lot of snow here in Norway. The market with flowers looks so nice.
    And you have found a lot of treasures. :)

  2. I always enjoy visiting Wells!

    I think you can purchase additional storage for your photos..if you go to the help page and type 'purchase additinal storage' into the search, it should tell you ;-)

  3. You got some great treasures there and Wells looks lovely, I don't think I've ever been. Interesting you should say about the picture storage, I am up to 11% already and I've only been blogging since August!

    Mel xxx

  4. Omigosh Niki, Wells looks incredibly beautiful! I would love to visit the English Countryside and explore it properly. It makes my heart skip a beat seeing photos of it!
    LOVE all the goodies you found ~ I think I also have that same Rouge, I must go find it today now :)

  5. Love your new purchases. I have those red ballet shoes too but mine are more battered.

    I had no idea that we had a capacity on blogger?!!!!

    Saw your gorgeous armchair in the BBC Homes and Antiques mag. I am in awe of your upholstery!

  6. Wells is glorious, Niki! Hubby and I are getting quite antsy for a return trip to England, now that we don't have any babies in the house any longer. =) Your garden looks just lovely. And I think that's a fabulous idea of putting your favorite fabric swatches in the album. =)
    I bought one of those sachets from Kim's shop - they are heavenly! =)

  7. Another lovely day in Wells, you lucky girl! And more goodies from The Trading Post. Brilliant!

    Looking forward to next week - Donna on Monday and you on Tuesday. Jollies coming along like buses!!!


  8. What a wonderful day you had. It was lovely in my village as well just outside Nottingham. I love these days. Margaret

  9. Anonymous5:22 am

    my days would be a little less inspiring and lonesome w/o your fantastic photos to cheer me up!! you make me want to move back to europe and find all those french antiques again!!! love the rhinestones and those red shoes!! i remember shopping flea marts in england several years ago when i was at oxford for a summer. i couldn't get enough!! i think i studied very little and shopped until i dropped.
    thanks for sharing.

  10. Anonymous7:21 am

    Those photos were inspiring and colourful. Love all the flowers and your vintage treasures.

  11. What a refreshing spring day you had Niki. I visited Wells when I was small and would love to go back there one day. I was fasinated by it being such a teeny tiny city. I love those pins and brooches, don't they sparkle in the sunshine. Oh hurrah for spring!

    Great idea to store some of your fabrics. It'll be a treasure to look back on.Stephx

    P.s Glad to hear you're going on with the blog even though you're out of space, I do adore your pictures so much!

  12. I am in love with the album and the theatrical rouge..... oh and the red shoes...Polly got some red shoes yesterday...unfortunately she now has the same taste as me...(I bought them in white)...and so the same taste is the same price!!!!!....wish she were the same size as me at least we could share!!! looked to have had a lovely day out...happy H

  13. Nancy at Fete et Fleur recently did a very helpful post on blog storage space, different options and costs.
    I love your blog, makes me really want to visit Merry Olde England!

  14. I always have thought of Somerset as one of the prettier counties in England, your photos show me right. I adore your blog and love the things you make.

  15. Thanks for sharing your day with us. Sounds like you had a very nice day. :)

  16. i love the market!!! i remember when i studied at oxford, the market was the highlight of my day. i do also miss the nightime visit to the donnerkabob. i miss the pubs, pints, darts, and the history that is in everything. thanks for sharing.

  17. Anonymous3:41 pm

    Oh NIkki! I am so glad you posted these picks,but it makes me really miss living in Europe! We don't have markets like that in the states! Lovely finds!
    xoxo, Tiffany

  18. I'm so jealous of your spring weather and your ability to go to market at this time of year. We're still bundled up with lots of snow on the ground.

  19. Hello! Your blog is absolutely beautiful and a pleasure to read... I recently moved to Mendip council and I'm loving it...


  20. My best friend moved to Somerset last year...she is always asking me to visit...but with everything that has happened lately!!! we though with Spring arrival - i can see hope!

    Perhaps...we can incorporate a trip to you along the way honey...Id love to meet up with you ....I love this bright and florally rich post xx

    I too had no idea, about the storage capacity on blogger - how did you get on with it?

    Love Happy xx


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