Monday, March 09, 2009

Mellow Yellow

I must admit that I don't normally go a bundle on yellow, but at this time of year it fills a vital role.

And when teamed with mauve and purples, it seems to do its thing all the more....

Its cheerful quality can add a little zing to a mirror well as a dainty finishing touch to a hand crochet edged pillowcase.
Postcards from a by-gone era have a mellowed version of this seasonal hue.
Meanings given to the daffodil during the Victorian era were: Regard, Unrequited Love, Sunshine, Respect, The sun shines when I'm with you. Obviously a flower of mixed messages!
A beautifully hand painted greetings card with a sunny yellow posy must have really made the recipients heart sing!

A bright shot of golden buttercup provides an uplifting addition to vintage china.

Muted primrose creates a calming contrast to the vibrant red roses on this classic 1950's fabric...

With golden daffodils taking centre stage on this more modern textile.

I have a busy week ahead. (Working towards the V&H fair (sorry to mention it again!) as well as my on-line shop, means making double what I would normally try to create...but I'm getting there...)
Hope you have a great week - Happy Monday!
Niki x


  1. Lovely post, I think daffodils are great (who doesn't?). The cardie on that doll is beautiful.

    Mel xxx

  2. Niki,..... I was preparing a post on YELLOW, too!!! I was about to post yesterday, but then realized I have to publish something for Slumber Party tonight... so decided to postpone!!!
    Wonderful, wonderful!!! You have such lovely things! And the new doll with that touch of sunshine... TERRIFIC!

  3. Anonymous9:44 am

    Lots of cheering Spring colour here! You must be working like a trojan to make twice as must stock I'm always in awe of the amount you manage to produce normally.

  4. What a lovely way to start teh week! LOVe that 50's fabric and the creamy lemon wooly on that dolly! I hope you'll be taking photos of your stand at the V&H to show all of us who can't be there! We can dream of being there when we see the pictures! I'm sure it's going to look incredible all the work you are putting in!

  5. I am not a yellow girl, but daffodils are an absolute must this time of year, really cannot live without them.
    Love the doll you made as well. Really pretty.

  6. Yellow is my favorite color! :)

    I was amazed when I visited London in the spring of 2004 how many daffodils were blooming! The weather was c-o-l-d and there were snow flurries but those beautiful daffodils defied the weather and were gorgeous.

  7. you even managed to make a nice post about yellow!! well done!!

  8. That's a lovely selection of yellow flowers in art and decoration - thanks! I was in a very odd little French junk shop yesterday and they had a sweet wooden wheelbarrow planted with yellow flowers. It made such a contrast to the very iffy junk.

    I hope you have a great week's work.

  9. Such an uplifting and cheerful post, Niki! Thank you! I am sitting here looking out a window at the cloudy sky and heavy rain (and a ground of mud). Your yellow pics are just the tonic I needed. And your rag doll with that yummy butter yellow cardi - LOVELY!

  10. Hello Niki
    What a beautiful Sunny post! I love yellow, to me its so bright and cheery...Thank you Pinkie

  11. Yellow is a wonderful colour to have in the house. I find it so uplifting! Our daffodils are trying to come through but they are not quite ready yet.
    I love the daffodil fabrics! Sounds like you had a good day in Wells, it is fun looking around the Trading Post. You have had some good finds there recently. Particularly like the rose tray & the rouge.
    Isabelle x

  12. Love your dolls Niki, that cardi is so sweet. Daffodils are the epitomy of spring, the garden wouldn't be the same without them.

  13. I'm with you on yellow ~ any other time of year I prefer other colours but in Spring, it's like we need yellow to remind us that winter is nearly over and sunshine is just around the corner. It's cheery and fresh ~ just like your blog!

    I love your selection of cards with flowers on ~ gorgeous!

  14. I am the same way about yellow, but I love daffodils. Pretty pictures.

  15. Anonymous1:45 pm

    What a beautiful post...beautiful photos, charming narration! Cheryl in California

  16. you I am not a lover of yellow but I may have changed my mind after reading this post...lovely....
    Really like the cardi with the 'mellow yellow buttons'.

    I enjoyed the post so much when I popped into my little local town I came home with yellow daffs in my basket..

  17. oh I do love yellow too! that beautiful doll sweater is the perfect shade.

    xo Heather

  18. Okay, so Heather from Pretty Petals has been telling me to check out your blog and I finally made it hear...She's always telling me how beautiful your blog is and Boy is she right.. I just love everything. Just love the yellow..I also love that doll sweater too...

  19. I adore yellow!
    My entire house is yellow save two rooms. The living room, dining room, hallways and one bedroom are all yellow.
    A warm, soft, buttery yellow. It is so inviting and acts as a neutral to embellish with other key colours.
    So the living and dining rooms have touches of red, and the bedroom has blues and aquas.
    I LOVE that 2nd photograph of the daffodils fabric. Are you selling that at your fair? Please let me know!
    Your doll looks adorable all dressed up in its warm yellow sweater with pansy pin!
    Just beautiful!

  20. Daffodils are one of my most favourite flowers - yellow & purple combine so well don't they?
    I'm glad to hear you are beavering away for the fair! ;-)


  21. Anonymous10:39 pm

    What a lovely blog! I enjoyed all your photos of daffs, violets, primroses and everything spring! It is still rather wintery in MN!!

    I am very new to blogging, so I hope you will stop by for a chat!

    Rose Cottage Gardens and Farm


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