Friday, March 13, 2009

Quiet Time

I was just taking a 5 minute breather, sitting quietly in my eldest daughters bedroom. She's still away at Uni, so it's a very tidy room at the moment!
We use it at a spare bedroom for guests when she's away. There's just enough space for a small 4' French double bed, along with a wardrobe and a little dressing table.

Extra clothes can be hung from the collection of coat hangers on the coat rack.
An old hat box provides addition storage. The pediment was added to a very square old wardrobe, which we painted to match the bed...
The bed was plain wood when we bought it, but had been munched by woodworm. It was treated, filled and painted and now you'd be none the wiser! ;-))

The dressing table also received the paint and antiquing wax finish.

An Edwardian ivy leaf mirror hangs above her corner sink, next to a framed sepia toned fashion print of two lovely ladies. I bought the elaborate antique frame for it for 50p at a car boot sale. (It was filthy mind you, and had to be thoroughly cleaned.)
And I love this picture of the three little girls, entitled 'Moonlight Melody', which is a print on silk. Again, the frame was bought separately at a flea market.
Another favourite is this beautiful handmade picture frame made by a clever friend of mine.
Thank you to everyone who visited my website yesterday. I shall be wrapping, packing and dispatching some parcels today...
Have a lovely day - hope you too can grab 5 minutes quiet time,
Niki x


  1. You have such a clever eye for finding neglected goodies! And i LOVE that picture frame your friend made. so pretty. Now, will we be seeing the pictures of the room during the Easter holidays when it's owner has returned?! :-) t.xx

  2. It is lovely that she likes the vintage look niki, I am pleading with mine to get with the program, my youngest does not want an ounce of PINK in her room .....

    can you believe it. Horrifying :0))). NO PINK ??

    best wishes always Ginny x

  3. It looks lovely, even more so because you have fund all the various bits n' bobs yourself and given them a new lease of life. I really love the little picture frame your friend has made.
    Have a lovely weekend.
    Hen x

  4. Hi T! Absolutely NO pictures during the Easter Hols!! ;-))

    Hi Ginny - my eldest was called 'Pinkie' at secondary school, as she only ever wore pink!

    Niki x

  5. I especially enjoyed that vintage birdcage - it's so wonderful!

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  7. That's such a beautfil bedroom, Niki! How I'd love to wave my magic wand and have my daughter's room look precisely the same! I LOVE that hat box - it's fabulous!!!

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  9. Love the birdcage and the armoire, Niki! I wish you could 'wrap and send' me one to treat...;)))
    P.S I am having my 5 minutes in the garden with Kim, looking at all the Spring wonders out there (she is sniffing flowers and the air, too...)!
    ***SORRY NIKI!!!What a MESS!!! I have deleted the 2 previous comments!!***

  10. What a pretty room! My daughters' rooms are quite classic (no cartoon characters... yet anyway!) and I hope they will want them to stay that way :)

    Mel xxx

  11. Hello Niki..what a lovely room...I loved the picture of the coat hangers...and the hand made picture frame is beautiful....have a lovely weekend...Helen

  12. great inspiration and decorating advice-

  13. Lovely things Niki, I love the coat hangers on the peg rail, a simple idea but very pretty.
    Enjoy your weekend.

  14. Hi Niki
    What a lovely bedroom. It has a very peaceful feel to it. I can see that it would be the perfect room to spend a peaceful 5 minutes in. With the house being all up in the air because of re-organising it and swapping rooms around, I find hard to go somewhere where it feels tidy and peaceful. Will have to have that peaceful 5 minutes looking at these pictures instead!
    Isabelle x

  15. just beautiful! I wish I could sleep there....have a good weekend!! Sylvia

  16. A very peaceful and lovely break! Thanks for the pictures and commentary.

  17. Everything is so pretty. Love the hangers and of course the birdcage. :) I laughed when you wrote that it was tidy as she was at university. I remember those days. The only time my girls rooms were neat when they got older, was when they were gone for several days & I would take a deep breath & do a complete cleaning. They would come home, thank me and 2 days later they looked like a tornado hit again.:)
    Have a great weekend.

  18. Anonymous4:10 am

    Lovely guest room filled with creativity and serenity!! The hangers are so sweet, but my favorite is the mirror.

    Thanks for sharing a special hide-away!

    Rose Cottage Gardens and Farm


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