Wednesday, March 18, 2009

No Time to Blog...

No time to blog due to this stuff! - Blue skies and sunshine.

I barely allowed myself one full day in our garden last year and so made a promise to myself that this year would be different...The mature shrubs at the bottom boundary of our garden have grown completely out of hand due to my neglect.
They have been drawn up by lack of light caused by my neighbour's leylandii hedging, and have long whippy growth that arches down to the ground - radical pruning is required!
I've already filled up my compost bin...

The council wheelie bin is definitely full! (I'll ask one of my girls to jump on this lot - I'm sure I could fit a little bit more in! ;-))

Compostable garden waste bags have also been stuffed (can't believe these cost £1 each, on top of our yearly charge!)

And I still have lots more to do....with a little help from my feathered friend, of course!

Worm and bug clearing is a vital part of the job!

I've revealed this lovely native dog rose which reaches over 20' I would guess. I'm thinking a small octagonal summer house would be perfect in this spot and I could then train the rose over it to create a shady place to sit during the summer months.

I need to carry on along the back boundary, clearing all of the straggly growth that has engulfed a large part of the lawn. I should then be able to plant a few more choice shrubs in between, to grow more successfully in the shade.

The sun is shining again this morning and I hear my secateurs calling to me...

Hope you have a lovely day,
Niki x


  1. There are just too many things to do at this time of year! Whilst it's annoying to have to pay extra for your rubbish to be removed, I'd be glad of the option as they won't take any garden waste here. If you put any in the bin they refuse to take it and I'm not aware we can buy bags to fill. Tip it is then!
    Hen x

  2. You're really doing well on the garden this year! I'd love to see how some of your plans turn out. I was drawn to your post because your first picture is very like the photos I've just put on my own blog - branches against the blue sky. Let's enjoy the weather while it lasts - you've inspired me to get out into the garden too!

  3. Hi Hen! Thanks for your comment.
    The council wheelie bin isn't the general 'rubbish' bin - we're not allowed any garden waste in with our regular household waste either.
    You have to buy the wheelie bin if you intend recycling your garden cuttings. You then have to pay a yearly sum to have it collected once a fortnight. The brown bags are extra again. But, living where we do, means the tip is quite a drive least all the garden waste that we dispose of gets recycled into fresh compost for people to buy. (The council are on a win-win!) Off I go to make some more work for them!
    Niki x

  4. Well you've made an excellent start! All I've done is chop off dead lavender and sedum stalks (which I should have done at the end of last summer, oops). I like your summerhouse idea, I think that would look great :)

    Mel xxx

  5. Anonymous11:52 am

    Hi Niki, been out in our garden this morning making the most of the makes you feel good. With our rubbish weather, we built a small barn the end of last summer to shield us from the rain whilst we eat and drink otherwise you would be indoors all the time - nothing fancy but it keeps the rain off. I have prettied it up with buntings, oilcloth tablecloth and hanging lamps. I have hanging baskets eitherside with miniature daffs and primroses and it cheers me up every day looking at it from the kitchen window....a summerhouse would look fab too. Enjoy your day, my best wishes Julie.x

  6. Your garden is just beautiful, Niki! I think that would be the perfect spot for a summer house! My grandfather & great-grandfather built a summer house at my old home, complete with gingerbread trim, and I LOVED playing in it as a small child during the warm weather. I can only imagine one with ROSES on it! =) Enjoy your time gardening - it truly is therapeutic.

  7. good for you...and your garden :)

  8. Well done you, looks like you've made a good start on the gardening.
    Carry on the good work. I think the octagonal summer house sounds like a lovely idea.
    Take care

  9. You've inspired me!
    I've just had a wander around my garden ! Like you,I need a day out there, just to have a good tidy up...then I'll be sowing seeds in the greenhouse before fave bit!! Trouble is that there's not enough hours in the day to do all these wonderful homemaking things!! ;-)

  10. Hi Niki

    The idea of the summerhouse sounds lovely! Luckily my garden doesn't need too much doing to it yet - but I've just taken on an allotment, so there's lots of work to do there. In fact I'm just off down there for the afternoon!

    Have fun in the garden x

  11. Niki,
    I am doing the very same! Gardening is so exausting at times, but in reward of all that effort... it gives us a wonderful and pleasant summer retreat, doesn't it!!So keep going!;)
    The summerhouse is something I die for... but cannot have one here due to high costs...:( Hope you'll have yours soon!
    P.S Please come to eat the cake, when you have a spare moment!:)

  12. Niki, Your garden is wonderful! Its that time of year... the lengthening days almost push us outside, don't they! The added bonus is the exercise... I think. LOL

    Have fun. Keep showing us!

  13. Hi Niki,
    You have been busy, the weather is so perfect to garden st the moment isn't it....I think you should go ahead with the little summer house we bought a little one last year and have been using it for tea and, no cake!!! for the last couple of weeks we love it and wish we had had one before.
    Happy gardening..

  14. It's so hard to be inside when the weather is nice. I've been Spring cleaning and my hubby is working outside. Lovely weather! ENJOY your day!

  15. Hi Niki. Like you I have promised to do more in my garden this year as I hardly did anything much last year. There are some projects I want to get to grips with that I've wanted to do for the 3 years we've been here! So I've been out there a lot this week - aren't we having the most glorious weather?! I had a lovely time making up wall troughs full of Spring plants today. Gardening is such therapy. Have a lovely rest of the week.

  16. I want a chicken.

    Such great photos, thanks for sharing!

  17. Hi Niki,
    I'm like Sonya, I want some chickens! I also would love to have a rose garden one day but alas, I will have to wait until August for that dream to become a reality! Hope you are doing well.

    Oh and before I forget:


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    Good Luck!
    Deanna :D

  18. Anonymous8:49 am

    It is so nice to see the blue sky just now, we must make the most of it. Your garden is looking wonderful, you have been such a busy bee.

  19. I think everyone has been out in the garden this week with this lovely spring weather.

  20. Know what you mean. I had to take a break from the computer to get my courtyard cleanout, and it is no where near the size of your garden.

  21. I did the same thing today! Our forecast was for more rain, which we have had a lot of lately (fortunately!) but it turned out to be in the 70's and sunny. I HAD to go out and rake and prune. It's almost time to spread mulch and we are ordering 10 yards this year. That is A LOT! This is my favorite time in the garden though, when everything is just peeking up through the dirt! xo, suzy

  22. Wow, your really on a roll. I need to get my yard done. My yard is terrible. It's still to cold to do yard work....Your yard is beautiful..

  23. Anonymous9:46 am

    I know what you mean. I just want to be outside with my "girls"! They are helping me "weed" at the moment!


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