Sunday, January 06, 2013

A Blast of Sea Air!

Had a lovely day out yesterday with hubby...Our first 'seaside fix' of 2013, down at Lyme Regis.

As we walked along the harbour walls, an air ambulance started to circle overhead...

which then landed on the beach.

Thankfully it wasn't responding to an emergency, so we went over to take a closer look.

We stayed until it was time for it to leave...I've never been close enough to a helicopter before to be caught in its down-draft on that was quite exciting! Certainly blew the cobwebs away!

Other sights at lovely Lyme...

12th night, so the last day to see the pretty Christmas decorations...

That's all for today...The sun is shining this morning, so I'm off out into my garden to get some work done! Enjoy the rest of your weekend,
Niki x


  1. Hey we might have walked past each other! We live in Lyme in the school holidays and have our last day here is such a lovely place....especially in winter walking o. The sad to be leaving:( but look forward to our return! Glad you had a lovely day x

  2. beautiful photos .... wish I could go there !

  3. just found your beautiful lovely to live in such a romantic place, I love Jane Austen and all your pretty vintageness!

  4. Gorgeous photos! Looks like a lovely place to visit! Maybe one day! ! ! :) If I ever did get over to your area, I'm definitely stopping by your little shop! ! !

  5. I recognised the beach huts straight away and thought "Niki's been for a day out"!
    Flying in a helicopter is fabulous I have been lucky enough to do it a few times...however I have been fortunate not to fly in an air ambulance.
    My cousin's son is a helimed pilot in
    Washington DC, what a great job.
    Air Ambulance is one of the charities that I always give to but begrudge greatly that it has to be a charity and is not funded by government.
    Ooops better get off the soapbox....
    Lovely pics
    T x

  6. Hi Trixie,
    Thank you for your comment! I'm with you on the air ambulance charity and also think it should be government funded.
    Hubs and I said at the time, if only they had a collection bucket with them yesterday, they could have collected a tidy sum from the onlookers all taking photographs!

    Niki x

  7. A message from my Mum!

    "Hi Niki,
    Looks like you had a lovely day at Lyme Regis. The comments on your blog about the air ambulance not being government funded – we had a speaker from them at w.i. and he said they like to stay a charity and not be funded by the government that way they can make their own decisions and not the government .

    We have a monthly lottery ticket with air ambulance but have not won yet!!

    Bye for now

    Thanks for the info Mum!
    Niki x


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