Wednesday, January 09, 2013

Treasure Seekers...

Although I have been busy with lots of things at home, having the extended break from my shop has been very welcome...I did however lose my 'vintage mojo' for a while, which was a little strange...
But with a lovely day out to Devon with hubby yesterday, all has been restored...Just in time, as I have to re-open my little vintage emporium again tomorrow for a new year of trading. 
We visited Ashburton (one of my favourite shopping haunts, as seen here, here and here!) and called in to see Ros at The Snug. That's where I found this little treasure...Which, as I said, restored my 'vintage mojo'! - After all, have you ever seen a miniature (approx: 3") hat/wig stand before? There is always a surprise trinket to be found whilst out vintage shopping. She will live with my collection of full-sized hat stands.      
I also bought the beautiful piece of Victorian chenille from Ros...It is quite damaged along the edges, so I shall be using it to make some bags.
In the Vintage Emporium opposite The Snug, I found these two framed prints, which will head to my shop tomorrow. (I will also be taking in the rest of the china saved from my daughter's wedding. There will be some large serving platters and I'll have lots of tea plates for sale at just £2 each!)
Whilst in the Emporium, I bumped into Amanda who was sorting out her unit there - which was a lovely bonus! - The power of vintage eh? - Travel approx 95 miles from home and bump into someone you know, due to a mutual love of old! (The shop is having a sale at the moment and I was able to buy a whole roll of tasty mocha coloured ribbon for the tiny sum of £1.80!)
We came home via the coast to wave to the sea and promise to return again before too long...Hopefully when its not raining! ;-))

Niki x


  1. I love your vintage finds :)

  2. Oh the mini stand is adorable Niki and i love the Victorian chenille too,it will look wonderful made into bags.
    Ahh the Sea and Swans how lovely x

  3. Love the black swans! :) The mini hat/wig stand is cute! :)


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