Friday, January 11, 2013

Scrap Happy

My collection of inspirational scrap books have grown a little more over the last month or so...I'm finally coming to an end of the old magazines I had squirrelled away - I must say it does feel good to clear space at home and put the magazines left after my scissors have been at them, into the recycling bin and wave goodbye.
Most evenings, whilst sat cosy on the sofa, I've been snipping and gluing my favourite images into the scrap books...
The best bit is leafing through them once the are full...

I have one especially for garden inspiration too. 
I'm trying to be very good this year and not buy many magazine...I usually have a quick flick through at the newsagents before I buy...Something really has to catch my eye these days...I do find it frustrating when I see homes that have been featured in numerous other magazines before...
I think I'm lucky that my local newsagents stocks this US publication, which generally  means the homes it features are new to for now the Romantic Country magazines that I have bought so far have remained in one piece and have not been chopped for my scrap books. There are usually at least four homes featured in each, as well as some craft projects, so I feel they offer good value for money. 
I love collecting beautiful images and have recently been looking into making mood boards on Pinterest, but am slightly nervous about copyright issues, as you do hear stories...Or am I worrying too much?
I would like to thank those who gave me advice about Facebook on my previous post...Its a minefield out there!
Have a lovely weekend and enjoy the beauty all around!
Niki x


  1. I make these too and have since I was 13. My mom got me hooked on it, and her mom before her. It's always a great feeling to reduce the clutter of magazines to tidier scrapbooks, yes. :)

  2. Oh this makes me smile... I have enormous 3 ring binders full of "ideas" I've plucked from magazines, so i can throw the rest of the magazine away and make room to walk around the house!
    I guess the grass is always greener on the other side of the pond ~ I always look for the English magazines, to find fresh photos!! I have been happy to see the new "Flea Market Style" mags here in the US ~ a little break from the usual! :)))) After the snipping ~ enjoy the flipping! :)

  3. I have been collecting pics for years. I have 3 binders and a folder
    to keep the cut outs in as well.
    I only buy country living mag now.
    But with all the beautiful blogs out there now, this may stop.

  4. I had no idea there were so many of us who did this! I have many 3-ring binders filled also! :) It is time for me to go through more magazines and have more clear out time, though! ;) I still have too many stacks!

  5. Love your scrapbooks. I've been keeping cuttings for years too, but use box files divided into different sections with plastic wallets. Pinterest is great, but very addictive! I think they changed their terms last year as people were worried about the copyright issues. There should always be a link to the original post. I try to avoid the tumblr ones, but you can find the source if you try. xx

  6. How bizarre but I could not cut out from such a beautiful magazine. I have French, German and English ones. I have also the same collection for garden magazines... :-O. Some have the same title in French or German (like Maison chic) but inside they are totally different. Recently I discovered 'Landscape' in the UK and found out that it is the same than the German 'Landlust'. But not at all what is inside, the articles are in the same style but very well adapted to the different tastes in the countries. I love pinterest as well! SO many eye candies!

  7. Thank you for the trip through your srapbooks. I collect photos for inspiration but store them on the computer. I recently recycled a pile of mags from a few years back. I hadn't looked at them for a long time and realised I wouldn't miss them. I don't tend to buy them anymore now that google images is here. xx

  8. I love my scrap books as well Niki,yours look scrummy. I also have a couple of garden ones. It is so lovely to spend an hour looking through them (especially at this time of year)...Enjoy your weekend, Sue S

  9. Your snippets look good enough to be published as your favs bits from mags gone by. I would buy it for sure. Its not a copyright problem if you say where it came from. I wouldn't worry about it anyway.

    Ginny :-) x

  10. Love your journals, Niki! YOU have inspired me to cut my old, precious magazines (ugh, can't believe I'm doing that!:))
    As for Pinterest, I have had to report 3 infringements of my copyright since I'm in. I had deleted my account, and lost of all my boards- but then realized it's better to stay in, so I can "police" my work! :)
    Good luck!

  11. I agree. When I buy a magazine, I don't want to see the same pictures I have seen in another magazine. That happens quite often it seems. Over here, the January magazines aren't worth buying. Seems everyone was in a hurry to go on vacation and skimped on the magazine. I'm cutting back also.


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