Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Older & Wiser

I love antique books...
With their beautiful bindings...
Some have colour plates hidden amongst the words...

To enhance a story.
(A hand written message found inside the front cover offers a whole other one.)
Standing attractively on display...
They decorate a home...
In a way a Kindle can only dream of!!
I always like to have antique books for sale at my shop...They are not a big seller, which is a shame, but the atmosphere they create means they will always be welcome. Most of the books I have with decorative covers are just £3 each.
Niki x


  1. when we used to sell at Kempton there was a dealer who came round and bought the well-bound books by the metre.
    They were shipped overseas where all but the spines were removed, and then they were mounted on a dummy backing so people could place them on the front of bookshelves and have a library display without the weight (or dust) (or joy!) of real books!
    It always made me wince just to think of the carnage

  2. I love them too!

  3. On a couple of occasions I have found interesting bits of paper or card used as bookmarks and left in there.

  4. They are wonderful and look at that handwriting - a lost art I'm afraid...

  5. I adore old books as much as you. I recently found two copies of Pilgrim's Progress at two different thrift stores. One was printed in 1930s and the other was a first press (print) dated 1876. How wonderful is that?

  6. Oh my I love books ... for all the reasons you have said and more. I have small 19th Century books ... and love them dearly, the writing in them tells there own story and I have one with a picture of a sailor and a love letter in it. In the letter he is comparing the lady to a poem ... and the book is one with the poem in it ... sigh!! x

  7. Fabulous! I'm always on the lookout for antique books to use in my styling. Glad yo hear you offer plenty of them in your shop!

  8. Bravo Niki! We love books and the ONLY way I can get ex-RAF hubby in a shoppe like yours is PRECISELY because you have books! I'll wager we are not the only couple to do so...Great idea to show the inscription inside! And yes, absolutely NO Kindle can offer such a thrill!
    Thanks for sharing,


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