Thursday, January 10, 2013

January at my Shop

I had wanted to start using Facebook for updates about my shop, but after trying three times this evening, I've not been able to upload more than one photo on my page, so am back here just to show what's new at Nostalgia at No.1. Don't think it's something I'm doing wrong over there, but then perhaps I am getting too old for all this technical stuff and should admit defeat and stick to what I know?!! (I've just uploaded all of these photos onto my blog within a minute, so with a view to saving time, Facebook doesn't stack up.) Any tips gratefully received! 
Anyway, enough grumbling! I have piles of vintage tea plates, at £2 each (only available at my shop and not on-line, sorry) and some large serving platters at £5 each.

I'll let the photos tell the rest of the story...

Have a lovely evening,
Niki x


  1. I can't add pix to farcebook any more either, it's something to do with the flash player, but you need a new-ish computer to be able to upload the flashplayer, so it's leaving us oldies behind - booo hissss.

  2. Love the crockery

  3. I have had many problems adding a picture on facebook and b logger the past day... Sending best wishes

  4. Hi Nikki Do you resize your pictures before uploading? I always make mine smaller, reduces the number of pixels and upload time too. If you do not have that option on your camera software there are free apps that you can download. Another thing I have changed internet provider and have far less problems than before. And another thing try all the internet sites, like google, safari or firefox. Different ones work better with facebook. Also are you uploading your pictures directly from your computer or do you put them on Fickr first? Sorry a lot of stuff there. I'm old too 60 soon :-) Joan

  5. Niki Love the pics of your shop.
    Would love to visit.

  6. I so want to visit your shop.
    Just been zooming in on all your fabrics, like shopping from the comfort of my bed....lovely.

  7. And be careful - I've recently had my facebook account hacked and had to change my password etc and now a friend and a friend of their's had had their account hacked and dodgy emails sent to all their friends. What a nightmare. I might delete my account. Pity - it's a great idea but the security and privacy issues are a nightmare.
    That said, I love some of the silverware you have in the shop and the lace! ahhhhh

  8. I wish you weren't thousands of miles away! I'd love to spend an afternoon sipping a coffee and flipping through all those lovely plates and fabrics! ! ! ! :)

  9. Hi Niki.
    I wish I was there! sigh ...
    I have FB, but I can not seem to organize this space, I prefer my blogs!
    Good work and a hugs, *Maristella*.
    (with translator)

  10. Lovely, lovely treasures and pictures :)

    Your baskets and lace and shelves n plates make my heart sing :)


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