Monday, January 14, 2013

French Inspiration.

Did a bit of treasure hunting yesterday and found these two French beauties (one is male, one female). Both are a little rough around the edges but I thought they'd be lovely to display jewellery from. 
They have this interesting seal on the back to show they were made in France...and I like the onyx bases that they stand on. 

I also found these two adorable little 50's handbags and the fabulous 50's polka dot scarf. 
This little 1960's teddy bear is identical to my own bear...this one is in perfect condition...I hope only because he was loved soooo much! The cottage print was a must-buy too.
The paper frame was a little damaged, so I replaced it with vintage velvet ribbon, as I have done before. 
Some sparkles...
Loved this tiny bird brooch.

And I bought this velvet chocolate box for myself, to store some of my own jewellery in. These usually date from the Victorian era...this is near perfect (very plush!), so I am unsure whether it really can be of this age...

Whilst doing a little web surfing in the afternoon, looking for some inspiration, I came across this blog that I had not seen before. The lady had very cleverly used an antique globe de mariee as a chair for one of her boudoir dolls. (If you don't know of these, they were designed as a place to display a wedding tiara and other keepsakes.)
I have had mine for many years...sadly it is without its original glass dome...but then if it had one, it would have been beyond my price range, so there was this good side to it. 

They are complete dust traps without the dome though!!! 
As a consequence, it can be difficult to keep these out on display for any length of time. 
Anyway, I went ahead and sat one of my wax boudoir dolls onto the red velvet cushion... 
She looks very comfortable.

For now she's in our spare bedroom...But I need to find a more permanent home for her somewhere else, preferably behind glass in a cabinet maybe. 

Finally, but still on the subject of dolls, there are three of my handmade girls looking for new homes. I've added them to my on-line shop this afternoon (Please click on the catalogue if you'd like to take a look.)
Have a great week,
Niki x


  1. Love your boudoir doll on the globe de mariee, fantastic idea. I am also fiddling around changing displays and dusting at the moment and having a sneaky peek at blogs in between the housework! We've had heavy snow this morning and it looks like we're in for another lot.
    Jo xx

  2. Che belle bambole!!!

  3. What a lot of great finds. I love the 50's handbags and the teddy is so cute. Give him a cuddle from me.

  4. I'm so happy to have inspired you! I just saw this and LOVE your beauty displayed in her globe de mariee chair! Vanna


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