Thursday, October 12, 2006


I thought I would share with you the view that we have from our back door. As I gaze across, it still doesn't look as if Autumn has begun. The field opposite was ploughed yesterday, ready for it's winter crop, but that is the only sign. The trees are still lush and green and the air is still.
The ordinary pink Hydrangea that I have has turned though, to a beautiful rich red. It is the perfect time to pick them now to dry in a vase- they keep their colour beautifully. I also included some red Sedum flowers that will dry well too.

On my hanging rack I have some roses that I bought at the supermarket for 30pence, because they were passed their best- I hope they will preserve to use in our Christmas wreath...


  1. Hi Niki, yes I agree, the signs of autumn are few; our grass is lush and green and still needs cutting! Looking across the fields at the trees it could be the middle of summer! You've just inspired me to rush out and cut my hydrangeas, so thank you for that! Clare x

  2. Autumn is a long way off it seems. Perhaps when it comes it will be overnight, that happens sometimes. Meanwhile enjoy your super flowers and the greenery ourside your windows. I wasn't aware you could dry sedum, I must pick some now and try it, thanks for giving me the idea..xo

  3. Here slowly it's becoming fall. it's grey outside and the trees are turning in the most beautiful colours.I love your view from your back door!
    I also love to bring Hydrangea and sedum flowers into my housethis time of year.

  4. Hi Niki,
    I love hydrangeas and roses. I use them in the Christmas tree and fireplace garland. I also love using real bird’s nests with the flowers. I've been procrastinating to bring in my Oleander and Gerbera daisies....Better do it soon....autumn is in the air tonight. You’re a lucky girl…nice landscape.

    xo Annabelle

  5. What a lovely post! First of all I have to say your sight over the green hills to that castle (or is it a church?) is wonderful, exactly how I always have imagined the English countryside to look like! Then I find your kitchen so gorgeous looking with all the old enamel things and laces etc. Your hydrangea is beautiful. I have bought a red one like this in summer, but it is still small with only 3 flowers, my others are blue, purple and white. I agree with you that now is the perfect time to dry them and I too do it together with my red sedum. Oh a christmas rose wreath sounds fabulous to me! My mum is the wreath maker in our family and I always love it when she's making one for me.

  6. Thank you for your comments ladies!- Always great to receive them!
    Carol- we have a view to our local church- parts of it are Norman in date. The bells ring out on Wednesday evenings (and Sundays of course.)

  7. What a lovely view and yes autumn is still taking its time to arrive here in the west country. Hydrangeas are my favourite flowers. I love their big blousy blooms.


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