Saturday, October 07, 2006

Surprise Gift!

A totally unexpected gift arrived for me this morning- such a lovely surprise- I was completely overwhelmed! My friend Clare from 'Vintage Home' (see my links) had sent it to me. I have only known Clare a few months through the Shepton Mallet Antiques Fairs, but we have very similar taste and so know where each other is coming from! She sent me these lovely things....

A pair of shoe stretchers printed with colourful Anemones and a useful piece of 50's Floral Barkcloth that I hope to recycle into something pretty....
Thank you Clare, this was so very kind of you, it is very much appreciated!
Clare has an amazing Unit in the Brackley Antiques Centre. I hope she will publish some photographs of it on Blogger, as it is incredibly colourful and cheerful- you can't help but want to visit!
This is the blog that I have been trying to publish since Saturday! (Think it was my computer trouble - not Blogger- sorry blogger!!)


  1. Ahhh surprise gifts are just one the most fabulous things on earth! How very lovely of Clare!

  2. Niki, it was my pleasure as I know you will do something wonderful with them and indeed, it was your turn to surprise me this morning, when the postman delivered a package - inside was a delightful tissue holder you'd made from the fabric! Thank you so much! Clare x


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