Tuesday, October 24, 2006

Cardiff Vintage Fashion Fair.

I was selling at the Cardiff Vintage Fashion Fair last Sunday, which was great fun. It was held in a very grand building- Cardiff City Hall. We arrived at 8am., as you can see from the clock tower...

Carrying all of the stock from the car to the building is the worst part- very tiring- especially at that time of the morning, having driven an hour to get there!! But I think I got set up in record time, so was quite organised when the public were allowed in. I specialise in hats and prom gowns from the 1950's. But I look out for anything quirky or unusual too!

I had to take this photograph of the young lady wearing one of my prom gowns, because she looked so pretty and she was so pleased that it fitted her perfectly.

We caused such excitement in Cardiff, as this was the first vintage fashion fair to be held here, that the local television company arrived to make a programme! It was for the Welsh channel S4C. Here they are doing a piece from behind my stand. I have no idea what he was saying because he was speaking in Welsh, but I hope he was being kind!
Thank you to everyone who came to visit. The fair is back in Cardiff next February on the 18th!


  1. You had a beautiful stand.What a lovely prom gowns!That young lady sure looks beautiful in that prom gown.
    Have they filmed you also?

  2. What fabulous dresses.

  3. What beautiful gowns and gorgeous hats. I wish I was closer to buy one!! Nel

  4. Such lovely gowns...and the hats...!
    I wonder what the Welsh word is for..FEMININE..!!

  5. Hi Niki,
    Just worked out why you can't access my site via my comments. Your lovely blog is only allowing "Blogger" and Google accounts to comment.(At least on my settings.) I've been happily commenting away completely unaware that my comments lead to a defunct Blogger account.(Thick or what). Don't know if this is preventing other typepad users from commenting?
    Carolyn (Willow House)

  6. Oh these images make me feel pretty all dressed up in girly taffeta lace ribbons satin and of course a hat...not just any hat but one of your fabulous creations!!I have no doubt it was a success sale!

  7. Wow, it looks amazing! I wish I could be able to be there too.

  8. Hi Niki, Everything looked wonderful, I trust you had a successful day! What a pity we won't see it on TV! Clare x


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