Sunday, October 01, 2006

Isn't Nature Wonderful!!

I have always enjoyed my garden, but it seems to have become increasingly difficult to find the time to spend in it. The other day I ventured out there, to see if it had turned into a complete wilderness!!....but I think mother nature has done a pretty good job without my interference!!

(Sorry about the chickens, they can't resist posing for the camera!

Left: OK, things have got a bit wild here, but I still like the look of the untamed shrubs and plants!

One slight problem...there is a chair somewhere under that Passion Flower vine!! Think I may have to MAKE some time to go out there and tame things a little!....

This is the Passion Flower- it has climbed meters to completely cover our raised deck!! Maybe all the chicken manure has something to do with it!!!


  1. Beautiful garden and I love to see your chickens, we are hoping to get some more again soon. Passion Flowers can take over everything, ours is definetly trying to take over the garden!

  2. Your garden seem so nice, a nice place to relax. I love the round table and the chairs. It looks good with the can too.

  3. Oh good I'm glad someone elses Passion Flower has gone berserk. I only bought mine last year and it's completely covered a whole fence. I love it, it started flowering in May and it's still going strong.
    Pretty good considering everyone told me it wouldn't survive the winter.
    So jealous of your chickens, I'd love some.

  4. What a beautiful garden. We used to have a chicken, we found her in the river by our house, and she lived on our driveway for about 6 months, pecking on the front door for food in the morning, jumping through the cat flap into the garage and laying an egg each day. Then she disappeared. That was quite a few years ago now, but I still think of her. Infact one of the brooches that Toby made, the first to be sold from our 'attrills' range, was named 'Henrietta' after our chicken (a silly name I know!)

  5. I love your untamed look....cozy, and wow, that vine sure gets around!


  6. Niki, I think the garden is beautiful, just as it is! Sometimes a little neglect is just the ticket.

  7. Oh I just knew that you must have a gorgeous garden too Niki! So glad to see it! And with french iron furniture yeah! I love the view from your deck, at least the bit I can see, what is that tower of?. LOL at your passion flower covering the chair and at the posing chicken. Have you named them? Yes indeed nature is wonderful :D!

  8. Anonymous3:11 am

    Your garden is super, and I love the chickens. I rather like the look of nature doing her thing and the vine covering the deck. It might well be the chicken manure, I had a neighbour who used it one summer, and by July she almost needed a machete to get past the impatiens beside her front door..!I've always meant to give it a try..

  9. my passion flower was soo weak for years .. and now.. decided that the neighbours house is better then our's.. I loved your's.. İt has eaten up the chair..LOL..have a nice week..

  10. Its beautiful Niki! funny I was just going to post some pics of the garden before autumn finally takes over,I like gardens which are slightly untamed, its not for me the manicured lawn and tidy flower bed!your garden is just beautiful.

  11. Anonymous3:38 pm

    i love wildness in the garden...i love your garden & those chickens are so fab at posing. it's a sketcher's dream subject!

  12. I adore the organized disarray...the enamelware speaks to me...also have a penchant for the galvanized tins.
    You have a way with making beauty.

  13. Oh my, your garden has passion. Wild, lush and free, a lovely garden to behold and a haven for the chicks!!! They are paying their rent with superior quality fertilizer.


  14. You have a beautiful garden!
    And I loved to see your chickens.

  15. Lucky you to have a garden! It's beautiful! If I in the future would have a garden, I definitely want chickens in it :-)


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