Tuesday, October 10, 2006

Lovely Ladies!

I know many of you are chicken lovers! - so here are my 6 hens....

Left: Budgie- the boss, who likes a cuddle!
Right: Chicken Nugget- Shy but noisy.

Left: Socky- nosey, she likes to follow to see what's going on.
Right: Miss Milly- The lap chicken- always ready to sit on your lap and go to sleep!

Left: Tinkerbell- not very bright! Is always amazed when she's laid an egg!!
Right: Pete (Don't ask!)- the loner- always by herself exploring.
Until I owned chickens, I didn't know that they had personalities, but despite their brains being the size of a pea, they do seem to!


  1. Your hens looks great! And I really like your packet. :o) Lovely things inside it.

  2. I love them.I like the way they seem to look you straight in the eye! A few weeks ago I went to a Fall fair and there was a chicken exhibit, I was amazed at the variety.I really liked the black and white ones with big tail feathers, and the solid black ones, though I can't recall the names of the breeds?

  3. I don't know why I like chickens. But I feel so happy when I see one. My relatives have chickens and I can sit and lookat them for hours...

  4. They're cute but I feel a little insincere since I love having them for dinner as well. I'm afraid if I own one as a pet I probably would stop eating chickens altogether…lol.

  5. A chicken that likes to sit on your lap and sleep, just how cute is that? That's pretty cool that they all have different characters! Niki can you still eat chicken? I'm with Anabelle here, think I couldn't. We've had little rabbits for a few years and now I can't eat rabbits anymore and never again! But it doesn't really matter cause my daughter is a vegetarian and so I only eat meat when I eat elsewhere.

    P.S.: Hopefully your cute chickens will never get the horrible bird flue! *fingers crossed*

  6. Afraid I am still partial to a nice roast chicken!! -But not one of my pet ones!
    The eggs they lay are wonderful....

  7. Lovely feather colours.

  8. Guess it's time to get some chickens...talk about peer pressure...hehe

  9. I just love chickens!!!Yours are very lovely. My 2 chickens just looks like yours.How cute that you have a chicken that loves to sit on your lap!

  10. Got 10 hens myself! Just started laying yesterday! 7 Isa Browns and 3 Aracaunas. So far, I've got 2 eggs, both brown, so I know the Aracaunas haven't started laying yet, as their eggs will be blue/green. They are so much more entertaining than the TV!

  11. Hi I am Sheila's daughter...love your site. I am in LOVE with chickens, always have been. I love Chicken Nugget, how gorgeous, and the fact that a chicken can be a lap chicken absolutely fascinates me..! Give them all a big squeeze and a peck for me.


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