Monday, October 16, 2006

Flea Market Fun.

I spent Sunday at the Shepton Mallet Flea market. The sun was shinning and I was in my element! Here are my purchases: A glass picture frame, an old embroidered pin cushion with a mass of hat pins, a French pin cushion that opens up to reveal a storage box, a Victorian glass casket, a mirrored picture frame inlaid with mother-of-pearl, a violets brooch, a teeny-tiny mirrored box and a pretty beaded purse. Also the mohair shawl that can be seen in the background- perfect to make some Christmas stockings from.

An old tinted photograph of a pretty little girl in a gorgeous froufrou dress, an old chocolate box printed with a girl skipping, a box complete with wedding veil, orange blossom flowers and silk bodice, and some chunky green buttons.

A strange little crocheted lampshade, cards of antique American and French lace, a sweet little celluloid fan- hand painted with flowers and a Devon Ware china bowl decorated with forget-me-nots.

And a large box full of vintage greetings cards, postcards and photographs, many from the early 1900's.


  1. What wonderful treasures.

  2. You know how to shop Niki !!
    I especially love the small bowl with forget me nots, and the violet brooch.The large box of vintage greeting cards, and postcards make me drool. Ephemera is so hard to find here...but then the very word means things of short lived use. Thank goodness for people who never threw anything away..!

  3. Anonymous4:54 pm

    ooh dear, I wish I had seen that box of cards first!

    I just cant beleive it about that boars head. I am astounded!

  4. You sure found some wonderful treasures again!

  5. WOW!! Such great finds! I just love the vintage greating cards. You have been so lucky! And the frames, and EVERYTHING! ;O)

  6. What a lot of wonderful things!

  7. Oh you found such gorgeous things again Niki! I so like the old postcards and can already see some incorporated in your beautiful bags. And the old lace is so beautiful too, well everything is wonderful! I'd love to accompany you to a flea market!

    P.S. Just to let you know that I'm going to the post office today after work to send off your swap parcel! So watch out for the postie on Friday or Saturday!

  8. Hi Carol,
    I would love to take you around our local flea market!- if ever you are in England!.....

    I look forward to receiving my parcel- how exciting!!

  9. ohhh you know how I LOVE the Flea Market Excursions ! and look at your Treasures !

    I want to come to Your Flea Market.

    My goodness you have such beautiful things here !


  10. All wonderful Niki! I love the cards, and I imagine the box with the veil in is stunning!

  11. I too, love vintage greating cards. Can you tell us what you will eventually do with them? I love getting clever new ideas!

  12. Hi There and thanks for your interest!
    I use my vintage greetings cards in my decorating schemes- nestled amongst pretty collectables, they seem to hold a collection together.
    I also stitch them into my home made bags, see 'my site' on my links.

  13. Another gorgeous collection of stuff Niki. I can see you were in your element :-)


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