Thursday, October 19, 2006

Vintage Mirrored Frames.

This is an update to the flea market finds that I purchased last weekend. I have grouped the little mirrored and vintage glass frames together on my old washstand.

At the back is the little Victorian glass frame that I bought for £4.00- it had a gold coloured surround to it, so I have placed an old sepia toned photograph in it of two little girls with their dolls prams. The other frame has a pretty young lady, that I cut from one of the postcards that I also found at the flea market.

Finally the third frame was also mirrored, but with an inlay of mother-of-pearl and was my bargain of the day at just £2.00. I cut two of the hand painted greetings cards to fit this. I would like to add to this little collection, as I like the look of them grouped together.


  1. Modern things may be easy to keep clean and tidy, but they are soulless. When I look at the warmth, detail, and prettiness of your flea market finds it warms my heart. Todays designs will never have that quality...not even in a hundred years.

  2. Such a lovely comment Sheila- Thank you!
    (I love your new profile picture!)

  3. The frames look absolutely gorgeous.

  4. Wow! I love the things you bought, they look fantastic grouped together. The postcards are beautiful.

  5. ooooo you always show such Good Stuff.

  6. You have such pretty things, and they look fab the way you display them, are they to sell or do you keep your finds for yourself?

  7. They look so nostalgic/romantic together on your old wash stand and I love your rose wallpaper and the lamp base too! Does your husband not mind such lovely, girly rooms? I know most men don't like to have it too girly and romatic it somehow makes them feel ashamed I think. I'm still looking for someone who likes it!

  8. Hi Penny,
    Thank you for your comment. I do buy some items to sell at the fairs that I attend. But as I only buy things that I love, or would be happy to own myself, it is sometimes difficult to let go!

    The frames I bought for myself. Well they were bargains! I only buy old things for our home (except for a washing machine and such!)So when out shopping for stock, I also look for items for our home. I would like to add to the collection of frames, and display pretty images in them.

  9. Hi Carol,
    As my husband and I have three daughters, he is used to being in a feminine household!- he leaves it to me to decorate, because he doesn't have a clue! I do use a lot of gingham and checks too, which I think men are comfortable with!
    The background to the photo is actually fabric, not wallpaper. I covered the back of our old washstand in a vintage eiderdown fabric, as well as the panels in the doors.
    Good luck finding your ideal partner!! Niki.x

  10. Hi Niki, The frames are very pretty; I also found some nice old cards at Shepton for the crazy price of 10p each! Looking forward to the next Flea - I wonder how many outside stalls there'll be in December! Clare x

  11. Those are absolutely beautiful!!!!!

  12. I love that mother of pearl frame! And what beautiful bits and pieces you`ve found. What a pretty little china dish. Looks like you had fun :)


  13. Anonymous4:06 am

    Oh, I love your pretty frames!


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