Wednesday, October 04, 2006

Honiton textile Fair

Yesterday I was selling at the Honiton Textile Fair, which was a great success. The added bonus was meeting the lovely Donna from 'Crafty Old Thing' ( see my links)- It was really good to meet you Donna - I'm sure we will bump into each other again- hope you had fun sorting through all of your purchases when you got home.

I also met a very talented young woman called Hesta Singlewood (right in the photo.) She is VERY artistic and makes the most amazing things. I bought several items from her, including a doll fashioned from wire, vintage fabrics and trims. Also in the photo is my friend Liz van Hasselt. She is a dealer in vintage treasure and always has an amazing collection of goodies for sale.

This is part of her stand. Liz has recently had several of her vintage pieces featured in 'Cosmo Bride' magazine.

My purchases! For anyone searching for vintage items for themselves or their homes, these small fairs are the perfect place to find one-off pieces. There are always interesting stands with unique ideas at reasonable cost.


  1. Ooh Niki, as usual, your stand looked wonderful and so did the others - I wish I could have come along - I think I'll make a date for April next year! Clare x

  2. If only Honiton were nearer, everything looks so beautiful. So pleased you had a succesful day and very envious of your purchases!

  3. Oh that looks a great place to find some treasures,I wish I could of come along too. I keep looking out for an event like this in my area but haven't seen anything yet.

  4. Enchanting!!!!

    I have new newsy news....psssst...I'm telling everyone!!

  5. Anonymous8:34 pm

    As always a mouth watering array of lovely things..Your purchases pique my interest too, can we look forward to seeing some of those laces and buttons magically transformed into new 'vintage' bits and bobs..!

  6. It was fabulous wasn't it? I was amazed at how much treasure can be stuffed into one small hall. I think I bought something from everyones stall and I could have gone on and on! I loved Hesta's crations, she is indeed a very talented girl. I loved meeting up with you and yes I think we will be seeing each other again in this small textile world of ours :-)

  7. Niki, I'm so sorry I didn't get there yesterday. I fully intended going but am 'briefly incapacitated' and consequently housebound for a week or so. Hope to see you soon, though. Sue

  8. Yes “if Honiton were nearer", I'd be there with you. I love going to these sales and all the stuff looks so scrumptious. Oh well, at least I can cyber shop without costing me a cent ....only I get the itch to go venturing in the countryside and do some antiquing of my own. It’s always nice to come home with little treasures.


  9. I like that doll, does Hesta have a website or blog?

  10. Oh my......what a lovely things!!!
    I'm going to tell my husband that we have to move to England!!!!


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