Monday, October 30, 2006

Beautiful Buttons.

Sunday, for me, was spent treasure hunting! Here are my finds:

Beautiful vintage buttons, including glass, mother-of-pearl, tin, plastic and diamante.

Two brooches, one of which is handmade and embroidered with French knot flowers.
The Scottish mohair scarf in the background and the ancient curling tongs- bought just for display!
and all these vintage sewing treasures!


  1. Hey Niki,

    welcome back, I've missed your posts!

    Gorgeous treasures that you have found. Your sewing space must look awesome with all the vintage sewing items!

    I love the brooch with the turquoise glass stones and white pearls!

    Thanks for the tip with the chocolate for the matchboxes btw, that's what I'll do :D

  2. The ancient curling tongs are delightful looking as well!

  3. And to think I used to smile at my Grandmother's frugal ways...removing buttons from worn out clothing before putting the item to use as a duster or whatever. She did it from the day she was married until she died aged 80 (over 20 years ago)~~~~I wish I had those button jars now !

  4. I have a handful of my grandma's buttonas and I cherish them...

  5. LOVELY BUTTONS they are soooooooo nice (i want some!)

  6. What gorgeous treasues you have found this time, I'm assuming some of them will soon be gracing your lovely lavender hearts.
    Carolyn (Willow House)

  7. What wonderful treasures you have found. Do you keep looking at them wondering all the things you could do? Can't wait to see what you come up with. Nel

  8. Lovely buttons and the brooche was lovely too. I sipmley adore your things.

  9. Hi Niki, Your treasure hunting proved very fruitful! Do you think you have enough buttons for a 'button wreath' now?!! Clare x

  10. Hi Niki, I have just come to your blog and seen your wonderful find. I thought, better not show Toby this, he will be drooling over those buttons, then see on your 'comments' he already saw them last night! I really like the orange spiral ones.

  11. I love the look of all your beautiful buttons. I have mason jars full of buttens but none as lovely as yours.

  12. Buttons and letters …two of the most sought after vintage items on my list. I still haven't found any. I think I should take a trip over there, what do you think? Hehehehe

    Annabelle =^..^= xo


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