Tuesday, October 17, 2006

Cardiff Vintage Fashion Fair

On Sunday the 22nd October I shall have a stand at the first ever Cardiff Vintage Fashion Fair. I have a few free tickets (admits 2 people) - if you are interested in going -please send me an email and I shall get one in the post to you, but be quick- it's this Sunday!

There have been several of these fairs around the country and they are very exciting and well attended both by the trade and the public.


  1. OMG ! I so want to go ! you will of course send a plane ticket too ??

    I know I know -but maybe you are some eccentric type and actually would ! laughing...!

    Listen, this sounds so interesting and you have to take lots of photos and note the details in earnest!

    Full report PLEASE OH PLEASE !

  2. Hi Sandy,
    I would love to be able to send you a plane ticket!!! Unfortunately, I can't afford to, which is why I have to try to sell vintage fashions for a living! Lol!

    I will certainly report back next week,

  3. Good luck Niki. I'm sure it will go well!! I'd love to attend but I won't be around this weekend, sadly. Sue xx

  4. Oh I'm so frustrated being so busy as of late...I did some junkin yesterday and found wonderful stuff...it seem I can't hardly keep up with blogland and my job...doing my best!!!!!

  5. Wish I could come!

    Btw Niki have you already seen this:


    As somebody who loves sewing I think you must love Hanna Lambs gorgeous pin cushions on glass jars. Even I find them looking fabulous!

  6. I would love to go to Cardiff but too far.

  7. Oh I only wish I could go. I hope you enjoy it Niki, find lots of lovely things and sell loads.x

  8. Anonymous9:12 am

    hello there,

    I came across your site and would really like you to get in touch. I am based in cardiff and really want to start a vintage fashion collection and hopefully make it into a proper job. I'm fairly new and would appreciate any ideas/hints. e-mail me: dhc303@hotmail.com



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