Friday, January 18, 2013

Snow Day!

Haven't made it to work today...
Have you?

Keep warm!
Niki x


  1. How lovely! I guess a lot of snow is pretty rare for you. Here in New Hampshire (USA) we have lots!
    I have some photos taken in my yard a couple posts ago.
    Enjoy your winter wonderland!

  2. We've had really heavy snow too and it's still going. Have had to go and pick Louis up from college early because they decided to close it. Stay safe and warm.
    Jo xx

  3. whoo me neither.....isn't it lovely? x

  4. Pretty pictures !

  5. Wonderful pictures (if you don't have to shovel it or drive in it!!).

  6. I love snow! Actually, you have more than we have - I would have welcomed more, then the horses could have gone out for a bit. But my chicken went out today! Enjoy whilst it lasts :-).

  7. P.S. Have never seen bunting in the snow, lol!

  8. Aww! That just looks amazing!! I hope you built a snowman? :) I cant wait for the snow to hit us!!

    Jerra xx

  9. These pictures are wonderful. It's our second January without snow in Eastern KY which is really abnormal. I love the beauty of winter and your pictures capture it perfectly.

  10. We have had no snow at all! It looks so beautiful.....

  11. Anonymous3:25 am

    Very pretty! Actually that looks like a normal winter day around here. My son in law from Britian spent Christmas with us. He was surprised how our Christmas pretty much looks like the old movies. It's nice looking at it with a new out look. Sometimes we just grumble.


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